Solar Panels

Thailand Counts on Crypto To Power One Million Farmlands With Solar
Solar panels' installments in farms will certainly help to reduce electrical energy bills of farmers, reduce greenhouse discharges and also power farm machinery like electric tractors, crushing machines and crop-spraying drones. The Agriculture Ministry will issue a non-fungible token that will allow trade with international investors in Singapore.
Apr 4, 2022 // Plants, Blockchain, Solar Panels, cryptocurrency, energy crisis, Fuel Crisis, one million Thailand farms, Praphat Phothasuthon, Sirindhorn Dam
High Efficiency Ultrathin Solar Cell Developed by UK based Researchers
Imperial College London and University of London utilize 'Cation Disorder Engineering' that enhances the power conversion efficiency of the solar cell. The established cell is 100 times thinner than silicon based commercial solar cells as well as its power conversion effectiveness was found to be more than 9.1%.
Feb 24, 2022 // Technology, clean energy, Solar Panels, solar cells, Imperial College London, solar wafers, AgBiS2, Cation Disorder Engineering, University College London
Types of solar panels and how they are manufactured?
There are many types of solar panels and in them silicon ones make to the top of the list. They are evolving with time and getting cheaper with the economy of scale.
Feb 17, 2022 // Solar, Solar Panels, solar guide
Researchers establish lead-absorbing tape to boost viability of rising star in solar energy market
Researchers at Northern Illinois University and the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado, are reporting a possible development that could aid speed commercialization of very appealing perovskite solar cells (PSCs) for use in photovoltaic panels.
Dec 2, 2021 // Technology, USA, Solar Panels, North America, doe, perovskite solar cells, Northern Illinois University, Department of Energy's
Photovoltaic panel: we require to recycle parts of them to use once again and prevent a mountain of waste
Billions of photovoltaic panels globally will quickly come to the end of their lives, however when they obtain thrown away important products that are required to make future panels are being wasted.
Nov 26, 2021 // Technology, Solar Panels, Swansea University
Maxeon providing solar modules for 400-MW Texas solar project
Maxeon Solar Technologies will supply approximately 400 MW of its high-efficiency bifacial Performance 5 UPP solar panels for the building and construction of the Danish Fields Solar power plant project found near Houston, Texas.
Nov 18, 2021 // Plants, Large-Scale, Markets & Finance News, USA, Solar Panels, North America, Maxeon Solar, PV Power Plant
Researchers find a way to support a promising material for solar panels
One of the solar energy market's most promising solar cell materials-- perovskite-- is likewise one of the most irritating. A study group in Sweden reports a feasible solution to the environmental instability of perovskite-- an alternative to silicon that's cheap and also highly effective, yet deteriorates considerably when revealed to moisture.
Oct 27, 2021 // Technology, Sweden, Solar Panels, Stockholm, Europe, solar cell, perovskite, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, James Gardner
Spanish Company Licenses its Patented 'Continuous String' Process
Spain-based Mondragon Assembly has obtained a licensing arrangement for its license for "continuous string" process, which has been its intellectual property because 2013. This process includes manufacturing a continuous string, which means any type of damaging effects arising from "first" and also "last" cell can be gotten rid of, therefore increasing the device's performance by 10%, claimed the business.
Oct 6, 2021 // Manufacturing News, BATTERIES, Solar Panels, Mondragon Assembly, Basque Country machinery manufacturer
How to choose solar panels in India
Sep 20, 2021 // Blog, India, Solar Panels, Asia
Solar Recycling Is Becoming A Race Against Time
Solar waste is not yet a visible concern, however will certainly turn into one soon, if recycling as well as disposal is not prioritised quickly. Pending a recycling policy, the government can a minimum of make sure excellent quality requirements so that the equipment does not reach end of life before its guaranteed date/s.
Aug 26, 2021 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Solar Panels, Envie 2E Aquitaine, Korea Institute of Energy Research, KIER, ROSI Solar, solar module recyling, Solar Waste Action Plan, SWAP, Soren, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, WEEE
An universal intercalation technique for high-stable perovskite photovoltaics
A group of scientists led by the Nanomaterials Research Study Institute at Kanazawa University have shown that the stability as well as performance of specific photovoltaic panels can be significantly enhanced by using cesium iodide (CsI) intercalation modern technology. This work might aid make solar cells more affordable with other renewable energy resources.
Aug 5, 2021 // Technology, Japan, Solar Panels, Asia, perovskite, efficiency, Kanazawa University, Nanomaterials Research Institute
The sunlight that powers solar panels additionally damages them ... yet 'gallium doping' is providing a service
The procedure of making gallium-doped photovoltaic panels was under a patent till last year. It's just since this approach has started to pick up vapor.
Aug 2, 2021 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Australia, Solar Panels, solar cells, Oceania, PV panel, University of New South Wales’s School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Engineering, gallium
Reusing next-generation solar panels promotes green earth
Tossing damaged photovoltaic panels right into garbage dumps may soon come to be electronics waste background.
Jun 26, 2021 // Technology, Solar Panels, recycling, Fengqi You, Cornell University, Roxanne E., Michael J. Zak
Solar Array Setup at a Space Station by NASA as well as ESA
Solar panels are powering the spacewalks of astronauts for the first time at the International Space Station.
Jun 25, 2021 // Plants, NASA, Solar Panels, ESA, solar array, astronauts
Maxeon mixes board of supervisors
Maxeon Solar Technologies has actually included business incubator group leader Steve Leonard to its board of supervisors in a boardroom reshuffle.
Jun 9, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Solar Panels, Maxeon, solar manufacturing, maxeon solar technologies ltd, people moves, Steve Leonard, Chee Keong