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Oxford University Study Predicts 10% Renewable Share in Africa By 2030
Africa, which has for a long time now brought the tag of 'appealing' for non hydro renewable energy, might yet be the continent with the most affordable share of non hydro renewable energy by 2030. Even as some nations within the continent will certainly escape from the remainder to have a much more robust payment from solar right into their energy mix.
Jan 19, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, China, Oxford University, Asia, Africa, ditributed solar, galina alova, Nature enery
Solar Power Optics: increasing effectiveness
Solar energy installment gets on the surge yet much more efficient photovoltaic panels could see uptake of the technology thrive further. We take a look at the material advances in growth.
Dec 7, 2020 // Technology, UK, IHS Markit, Oxford University, Europe, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, Kari Rinko, Christian Jardine, Chris Case, Saule Technologies
Oxbridge scientists seek to explain electron dynamics in perovskite cells
Researchers from the two prestigious U.K. universities are analyzing spatiotemporal charge-carrier dynamics in the perovskite materials used for solar applications. They have discovered the carriers propagate ballistically over 150nm within 20fs of photon absorption.
Dec 18, 2019 // Technology, UK, Oxford University, solar cells, Europe, perovskite
Understanding solid state degradation
Scientists at the U.K.’s Faraday Institution have been able to observe degradation mechanisms at the lithium metal anode in a solid state battery, and made several discoveries which could improve the performance and design of future solid-state lithium-ion batteries.
Aug 5, 2019 // Technology, Storage, Lithium-ion batteries, storage, UK, Oxford University, Tony Harper, Europe