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Greenbacker Capital Management Powers Up Utah's Largest Solar Farm
Greenbacker Capital Management launches its largest clean energy asset, the 200-MW Appaloosa Solar 1 solar farm, expected to eliminate 395,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions in its first year.
Feb 15, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, Utah, North America, PV Power Plant, Greenbacker Capital Management
Solar Shines on US Farms as Wind Power Slows
Solar installations on US farms have surged by 30% in the past five years, outpacing wind turbine growth. President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act and rural energy grid challenges fuel further expansion.
Feb 14, 2024 // Plants, USA, North America, PV Power Plant
Standard Solar Expands Illinois Community Solar Portfolio with 84 MW Acquisition
Standard Solar expands its community solar portfolio in Illinois with the acquisition of 14 projects, showcasing their success in a challenging economic landscape.
Feb 13, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, North America, Standard Solar, Maryland, PV Power Plant
US Solar Manufacturer CubicPV Abandons 10GW Plant Amidst Collapsing Prices
US solar manufacturer CubicPV abandons plans for 10GW solar wafer facility due to collapsing prices and high costs. Focus shifts to module development and partnership with Waaree Energies. Meyer Burger and REC Silicon also face challenges in Europe and US.
Feb 9, 2024 // Manufacturing News, USA, meyer burger, wafer, North America, REC Silicon, CubicPV
Microsoft Partners with Recurrent Energy for Louisiana Solar Project
Recurrent Energy secures $160M financing for Bayou Galion Solar project in Louisiana, with Microsoft purchasing all energy to support its carbon-negative goal. Louisiana set to become a major player in solar energy with projected 3,000 MW increase.
Feb 7, 2024 // Plants, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, USA, Microsoft, North America, Louisiana
Liquid Crystals Revolutionize Perovskite Solar Cells, Achieving 26% Efficiency
Researchers discover liquid crystals' temperature-responsive properties, improving efficiency of perovskite solar cells by 22% and paving the way for larger-scale renewable energy generation.
Feb 5, 2024 // Technology, USA, solar cell, perovskite, North America, efficiency, Northwestern Chemistry and Northwestern Engineering
US Solar Boom Exposes Back Door to Banned Chinese Products
India's booming solar industry faces concerns over forced labor in Chinese components, as US ban creates opportunity for Indian producers to expand market share.
Feb 5, 2024 // Technology, Markets & Finance News, USA, China, Asia, North America
BLM Greenlights Avangrid's 44-MW Solar Park in California
BLM approves Avangrid's 44-MW Camino solar project in Kern County, California. The venture will create jobs, increase clean energy access, and enhance the state's power grid reliability.
Feb 1, 2024 // Plants, California, USA, North America, avangrid, Solar Park, BLM
Vesper Energy Secures $590M Funding for Texas Solar Project
Vesper Energy's $590m debt financing deal for the Hornet solar project in Texas will generate enough electricity to power 160,000 homes annually, stabilizing the grid and reducing price volatility.
Feb 1, 2024 // Markets & Finance News, USA, Texas, North America, vesper energy
Cubico Bolsters Renewable Energy Presence in Mexico with Twin Deals
Cubico Sustainable Investments expands its renewable energy portfolio in Mexico, adding over 1.6 GW of capacity and aiming to meet the region's growing demand for clean energy.
Feb 1, 2024 // Plants, Commercial, Mexico, North America, cubico
Reliance-Backed NexWafe to Revolutionize US Solar Manufacturing
German solar startup NexWafe GmbH, backed by Reliance, plans to expand its solar wafer manufacturing capacity in the US, taking advantage of incentives and aiming to reduce production costs with its innovative EpiNex technology.
Jan 29, 2024 // Manufacturing News, USA, North America, nexwafe, Reliance, epinex, RSEL
US Allocates $254 Million to Decarbonize Manufacturing Sector
The US Department of Energy is investing $254 million to decarbonize manufacturing, supporting 49 projects across 21 states. This funding aims to advance next-gen technologies and reduce emissions in key industrial sectors.
Jan 29, 2024 // Markets & Finance News, USA, North America, doe, department of energy
Greenwood-Led Group to Build Massive Solar Farm in Canada
Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure, in partnership with Saturn Power Inc and Ocean Man First Nation, will build a 100-MW solar farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, marking the beginning of a series of solar projects in the region.
Jan 25, 2024 // Plants, Canada, North America, PV Power Plant, Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure
Shining Light on Perovskites: X-rays Unlock Solar Cell Stability
Scientists at APS used X-rays to study ion movement in perovskite crystals under UV radiation. Understanding this can improve stability, potentially achieving a 20-30 year solar cell lifetime and outperforming other solar cells.
Jan 24, 2024 // Technology, USA, solar cell, North America, doe, Argonne National Laboratory
Terra-Gen and Mortenson Unveil Largest US Solar + Storage Project
Terra-Gen and Mortenson complete the largest solar + storage project in the US, powering multiple entities and paving the way for six more projects in the near future.
Jan 23, 2024 // Plants, Storage, USA, North America, terra-gen, PV Power Plant, Mortenson