Worldwide renewables capacity to double this decade however fall well short of targets: Fitch
International renewables capacity will more than double this decade yet almost every leading market will certainly still miss deployment targets.
Jun 10, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, USA, India, China, Fitch, Europe, Asia, North America, decarbonisation
10 Asian solar markets have 1GW+ pipes as continent dominates project advancement: Fitch
Asia boasts an expanding variety of markets with solar growth pipes in excess of 1GW, a new report by Fitch has found, with the region dominating the working as a consultant's project data source analysis this year.
Jun 14, 2021 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Market Research, Fitch, South america, Brazil, Asia, Mexico, North America
36 markets to deploy more than 1GW of solar by 2029: Fitch
Rising need for eco-friendly projects in investor profiles is "broadening the geographic base" of the solar market, with 36 nations readied to set up greater than 1GW of solar by 2029.
Dec 7, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, USA, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, India, pv power plants, Fitch, Asia, investment, North America, saudi arabia pif
Third-party solar markets will win from US-China trade war — Fitch
The global power and renewable energy market is expected to remain largely unaffected by the Trump administration’s new wave of tariffs on Chinese goods. Although shipments of Chinese modules into the U.S. market are falling, Chinese manufacturers sent more panels to overseas markets in the first half of this year than they did in the same period of 2018. Analysts from Fitch, meanwhile, claim the U.S. solar market will continue to expand, despite higher project costs.
Aug 5, 2019 // Large-Scale, Tariffs, Policy, Solar, USA, China, Fitch, PV panels, Trump, solar market, Asia, North America
US sanctions to redirect Chinese PV supply towards Europe, Asia
Ongoing US-China trade tensions will not ruin solar fortunes on either side as players adapt by redrawing the lines of global supply flows, Fitch Solutions has predicted.
Aug 5, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Policy, Solar, USA, India, China, Fitch, solar pv, trade sanctions, Asia, North America