PVpallet Offers Up A Greener Option For Moving Modules

Sep 13, 2021 03:54 PM ET
  • Every effort to make the solar chain greener should be welcomed.
  • Wooden pallets are often overlooked as waste, a bad reasoning call when you take into consideration sheer quantity of wood utilized in pallets presently.
PVpallet Offers Up A Greener Option For Moving Modules
Image: saurenergy.com

The very first recyclable, reusable, flexible, and also collapsible pallet system developed especially for shipping and also securing solar PV modules is ready for testing with vital customers. Complete production is established for Q1 2022. This is the claim from PVpallet, a company concentrated on making transportation of solar modules simpler, cheaper and extra environmentally friendly. Started by a group of specialists benefiting an EPC company in the United States, the company is lastly all set with a solution it believes meets a crucial industry pain point.

Replacing standard wood delivery pallets. Particularly at once when stress to do more on recycling is increasing anywhere.

Going over real cost of a wood shipping pallet, PVpallet Founder and General Manager Luke Phelps stressed the significance of recognizing the "complete picture" of a wood pallet's life cycle: develop costs, labor, transport as well as handling charges, PV module breakage prices, and disposal expenses that are the result of delivery with lightweight, unpredictable wood pallets.

There are likewise ecological costs. The life process of a wood pallet begins in the forest. In 2020 alone, an estimated 198,000 trees were required to build the 1,580,000 wood pallets that shipped solar PV modules. When wood pallets come to be pointless, usually after a solitary usage, they are generally thrown away. Consequently, the solar sector contributed to an approximated 60 million pounds of wood waste to United States landfills in 2020 alone. That number will just increase as the solar industry remains to see dual digit development year over year.

" PVpallet intends to change that trajectory by driving genuine, impactful results," describes Founder as well as Business Development leader Philip Schwarz. "We intend to reinvent the solar sector as well as start an industry-wide change in reasoning-- from a straight to a round economic climate."

PVpallets are constructed from thrown out, recycled plastic. They are strong, totally collapsible, adapt to suit 80-- 90% of solar PV modules presently on the marketplace, and also stack without putting weight on the solar modules themselves. According to our projections, PVpallets will certainly be reusable around 20 times as well as are virtually waste-free. At the end of their life process, they can be reground and also reused into brand-new PVpallets.

It's time to rethink solar delivery with a lasting service.

Obviously, with wood pallets being utilized across numerous various other markets besides solar, one really hopes that this technology will certainly have the legs to move across and make a bigger influence across fields.