Armor Joins French Solar Revolution with HoloSolis Stake
Armor Group has acquired a 20% stake in HoloSolis, a French solar company that plans to build a 5GW factory. Heraeus Holding GmbH also invested less than a month prior. Be part of the change - HoloSolis and Armor Group are creating 1,700 jobs and a EUR-700-million factory with the capacity to produce 10 million solar panels annually.
Nov 15, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Armor Group, HoloSolis
Samsung C&T to Build Green Hub in Australia
Samsung C&T Corp. has signed an MoU to develop a mega-scale complex for renewable energy, battery storage, hydrogen production, and more in Australia. Discover the potential of this ambitious project with Samsung's commitment to 100% renewables.
Nov 15, 2023 // Solar to Fuel, Australia, Oceania, Samsung C&T
Clean Water & Energy: Solar-Powered Breakthrough
Revolutionary solar-powered device inspired by photosynthesis, designed by University of Cambridge researchers, can simultaneously produce clean water and hydrogen fuel from contaminated sources. The device is an ideal solution for resource-limited, off-grid areas and can help address global energy and water crises.
Nov 15, 2023 // Technology, University of Cambridge
$3M Boosts Perovskite Solar Mfg.
University of Michigan project backed by $3 million grant from NSF seeks to improve process of semiconductor materials manufacturing for perovskite solar cells. New cyber manufacturing technology may radically transform manufacturing, while protecting company info and worker interests.
Nov 15, 2023 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, solar cell, perovskite, University of Michigan
SUSI’s Chilean Hybrid Solar Plan
SUSI and BIWO partner to build 2 hybrid solar PV and battery storage projects in Santiago, Chile: 232MWp capacity, 900MWh battery storage, 107MW distributed solar PV. Helping Chile reach 70% renewable electricity by 2030.
Nov 15, 2023 // Storage, Chile, South america, SuSI, BIWO
Element Energy Soars with $111M Series B Funding
Element Energy just closed a $111 Million Series B investment to deploy its adaptive battery management systems. Co-led by a US clean energy giant & Cohort Ventures, it will use the funds to power 1st & 2nd life batteries, explore EV batteries, & acquire 2+ GWh of lightly-used EVs.
Nov 15, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Element Energy
Kyon's Largest Battery in Europe
Kyon Energy has been given approval to construct the largest battery energy storage system in Europe. The 137.5-MW/275-MWh project will be capable of powering one million households for one hour and is set to begin construction in 2021. Kyon Energy is leading the way in energy storage with their 500 MW projects.
Nov 14, 2023 // Storage, Europe, Kyon
RES Submits 20MW Solar Plan in East England
RES's proposed 20-MW solar farm in Boxted, South Suffolk, is set to provide enough power to meet electricity needs of 8,900 homes with 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission savings. Learn more about this innovative project from RES, 23 GW of renewable energy projects delivered worldwide.
Nov 14, 2023 // Plants, res, PV Power Plant, East England
Redefining Energy Efficiency: 2D Semiconductor with 1,000 Transistors
Unlock new possibilities in data-processing with the revolutionary two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide processor from the EPFL LANES team. A processor dedicated to vector-matrix multiplication, perfect for AI accelerators and more, with the potential to reduce energy consumption and revolutionize data-processing.
Nov 14, 2023 // Technology, efficiency, EPFL, School of Engineering, Laboratory of Nanoscale Electronics and Structures, LANES
China's Renewables Surge: Emissions Fall 2024?
China is on track for an historic decrease in carbon emissions by 2024 due to unprecedented growth in renewable energy production. Learn how this shift is at risk of resistance from coal and local governments in Carbon Brief's new analysis.
Nov 14, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, China, Asia
Hungary: 280MW Solar Spike by Uniper, Callis Zrt
Transition to renewables: Uniper is investing €8bn in renewable energy projects in Hungary and plans to end coal-fired electricity production by 2029. With 280MW of solar capacity ready to build, the company will continue to work with local authorities and stakeholders.
Nov 14, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Hungary, Europe, PV Power Plant
Growatt’s MAX Series: Boosting India's Solar Expansion
Growatt has made a great impact in the Indian solar market with their locally tailored solutions and advanced technology. Learn how their MAX series of inverters are helping investors achieve high yields and stability, plus discover the MID 33-50KTL3-X2 inverter. Reduce emissions and save water with Growatt's inverters and C&I solutions. Explore their progress in the Indian solar market and become part of their success story.
Nov 14, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Inverters, India, Asia, inverter, Growatt
47 States Map Solar PV Facilities
Discover the USPVDB—the Large-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Database from Berkeley Lab, USGS, and DOE, containing detailed info on 1+ MW solar energy facilities in 47 US states and D.C. View online maps, download in multiple formats & assess potential costs & benefits.
Nov 14, 2023 // Software, USA, ground-mounted, North America, Market research, department of energy
Sembcorp to Buy 245MW of Vietnamese Renewables
Sembcorp Industries Ltd to acquire 245 MW of renewables capacity, including wind, solar and hydropower, for SGD-218-million. Deals to be completed in 2024 and will help Sembcorp reach its goal of 25 GW of gross installed renewables capacity by 2028.
Nov 13, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Asia, Vietnam, sembcorp
Saudi Arabia Seeks 3.7GW of Solar Projects
Saudi Arabia is inviting developers to take part in its ambitious NREP 5 round, which aims to add 7.2 GW of solar capacity across 4 regions. The largest project, Al Sadawi, offers 2 GW capacity in the Eastern Province. Don't miss your chance to join this initiative and help shape the renewable energy future of the country.
Nov 13, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Saudi Arabia, Asia, PV Power Plant