Solaria's Garoña Solar Project: Powering Spain's Energy Transition
Solaria receives authorization for 595MW Garoña photovoltaic project, aiming to power 300,000 homes and create 2,400 jobs, aligning with its goal to expand capacity to 3GW by 2024.
Jan 22, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Spain, Europe, solaria, PV Power Plant, Garoña solar project
Sunpure's Solar Breakthrough: 480 MW Plant and Robotic Debugging Revolutionize Chile's Energy Efficiency
Sunpure advances solar efficiency in Chile with a 480 MW plant, using robotic debugging and expanding in Europe and Latin America to become a global solar technology leader.
Jan 22, 2024 // Plants, Chile, South america, PV Power Plant, Sunpure
Libya's LEES 2024: Massive 500 MW Solar Plant to Revolutionize Energy Sector
Discover the potential of renewable energy in Libya at the Libya Energy & Economic Summit, where TotalEnergies is developing a 500 MW solar plant set to become the country's largest. With ambitions to export clean energy, Libya is attracting private investment and support from multilateral finance institutions. Join the movement towards a sustainable future.
Jan 22, 2024 // Plants, PV Power Plant, TotalEnergies, Al-Sdadda
EUR 500m Fund Launched to Power Europe's Battery Revolution
EIT InnoEnergy and Demeter Investment Managers launch a €500m fund to invest in battery raw materials production, meeting the growing demand for electric vehicle batteries in Europe.
Jan 19, 2024 // Markets & Finance News, Europe, eit innoenergy, Demeter Investment Managers
Organic, Cobalt-Free Batteries: The Future of Long-Lasting Power
Researchers have discovered a carbon-based cathode material that could replace cobalt in lithium-ion batteries, offering higher energy density and faster charging times.
Jan 19, 2024 // Technology, Storage, lithium-ion battery, American Chemical Society
Electrifying Australian Trucks: The Key to Slashing Transport Emissions
New study reveals electric trucks as the top choice for slashing road transport emissions, with potential cuts of 75-85% over their lifespan. Hydrogen trucks lag behind, and their future remains uncertain.
Jan 19, 2024 // Transport, Australia, Oceania, truck
ORIT Makes Strategic Exit from Spanish Solar Purchase
Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust (ORIT) demonstrates flexibility by terminating solar project option in Spain, resulting in a net gain of £3m and reflecting their disciplined approach to capital allocation.
Jan 19, 2024 // Markets & Finance News, Spain, Europe, Octopus, ORIT
Globeleq's Debt Restructuring Boosts South African Solar Power
Globeleq's debt restructuring for its solar plants in South Africa aims to reduce costs, lower electricity prices, and benefit local communities and shareholders.
Jan 19, 2024 // Plants, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Africa, South Africa, PV Power Plant, Globeleq
Record-Breaking Solar + Storage Project Powers California's Grid
Terra-Gen and Mortenson complete the largest solar + storage project in the US, supplying power to major entities and showcasing a collaboration with the US Department of Defense.
Jan 19, 2024 // Plants, Storage, USA, North America, terra-gen, PV Power Plant, Mortenson
Bloomberg Partners with Ørsted for Largest US Solar Project
Ørsted's largest solar project in the US, the Mockingbird Solar Center, will provide Bloomberg with renewable energy to cover 100% of its US electricity usage and 80% of global usage, while preserving native prairie and boosting the local economy.
Jan 19, 2024 // Markets & Finance News, USA, North America, Ørsted, PV Power Plant
Aspen Power Partners Secures $241M to Fuel Solar Farm Expansion
Aspen Power Partners secures $241 million in financing for solar energy projects, with support from JPMorgan Chase, Lombard Odier, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. Backed by Carlyle, Aspen has a strong track record in renewable energy development.
Jan 18, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, PV Power Plant, Aspen Power
Nature's Energy Duo: Wind and Rain Power Artificial 'Plants'
Harness the power of wind and rain with tiny leaf-shaped generators that can create electricity, offering a glimpse into a future of clean energy production.
Jan 18, 2024 // Technology, USA, North America
EU Launches €500m Fund to Boost Battery Material Supply Chain
EIT InnoEnergy and Demeter Investment Managers launch €500m EBA Strategic Battery Materials Fund, aiming to strengthen Europe's battery supply chain and decrease reliance on foreign sources.
Jan 18, 2024 // Storage, Europe, eit innoenergy, Demeter Investment Managers
Have Your Say: EDF Seeks Feedback on Cornwall Solar Scheme
EDF Renewables UK invites public input on its proposed solar farm in Cornwall, promising local benefits and a commitment to sustainability. Join the consultation events to shape a greener future.
Jan 18, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, UK, Europe, EDF Renewables
Enviromena Unveils 400MW UK Solar Pipeline for Planning
Enviromena, a leading clean energy company, is set to submit its 400MW solar pipeline in the UK, aiming to expand its portfolio to over 500MW by 2025. With projects spanning from Dorset to Durham, Enviromena is committed to engaging with local communities and councillors to ensure their feedback is considered in the project designs and plans. By completing construction in Somerset, Hampshire, and Wales, Enviromena is actively working towards lowering carbon emissions and meeting the increasing demand for renewable energy in the UK.
Jan 18, 2024 // Plants, UK, Europe, Enviromena