New Methods of Producing Solar Panels Materials Unveiled

Dec 24, 2019 07:46 PM ET
  • A RUDIN University chemist expert has unveiled a new material that resembles the structure of perovskite. He also suggested a method that allows for the production of a hybrid material that could be used to create solar cells.
New Methods of Producing Solar Panels Materials Unveiled
Image: RUDN University

If the new method will be approved, it will be a solution to the toxicity problem in the materials that are currently in use. The method entails the use of elpasolites or double perovskites which plays a role in helping reduce the use of toxic lead. 

It is unfortunate that so far the use of double perovskites has not been optimized due to difficulties in forming stable byproducts.  But the chemist at RUDN University is using Green Chemistry to synthesize the perovskites.  Notice that physiochemical analysis methods have confirmed the suitability of the analysis methods. The results show that when the emission power of the new material was measured, it concurred with the theoretically calculated values. The resultant new material was found to be stable and maintained its structure even after many months of storage. According to professor Luque, the method can be relied on to synthesize double perovskite that is prone to decomposition. 

Using this approach leads to materials that are highly efficient and which are environmentally friendly. It will reduce the cost of producing the final materials. But research in this area is ongoing and the future will outline the prospects of the applications. 

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