Hexagonal Perovskite Oxides: Next-Gen Protonic Fuel Cell Electrolytes
Discover the future of fuel cells with high proton conductivity and thermal stability. Breakthrough materials offer efficient proton diffusion at manageable temperatures. Say goodbye to high operating temperatures!
Jul 12, 2024 // Technology, perovskite, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tohoku University
Efficient 2D DJ Perovskite Solar Cell with MXene Contacts
Revolutionizing solar cell technology: Indian researchers develop high-efficiency 2D Dion-Jacobson perovskite cell with MXene materials, reducing recombination losses for optimal performance.
Jul 10, 2024 // Technology, India, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology
BOE's $100M Investment in Perovskite PV Pilot Line
BOE Technology Group's $100 million investment in perovskite solar cell production showcases their dedication to innovation in renewable energy.
Jul 10, 2024 // Technology, perovskite, BOE Technology Group
High-Entropy Hybrid Perovskites Boost Solar Cell Efficiency
Revolutionize solar energy with high-entropy hybrid perovskites - a game-changing material for efficient and stable solar cells.
Jul 8, 2024 // Technology, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, China, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, North America, efficiency, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS, Southern University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Westlake University, University of California Los Angeles
Revolutionizing Optoelectronics: Spin Control in LEDs
Revolutionizing optoelectronics: Researchers integrate chiral perovskite with III-V semiconductor to control electron spin in LEDs, paving the way for faster, more efficient technology.
Jul 4, 2024 // Technology, NREL, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, perovskite, University Of Utah, University of Colorado Boulder, Université de Lorraine CNRS
Breakthrough: 31.5% Efficient 4T Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cell
Revolutionary solar cell design by KAUST researchers achieves record-breaking 31.5% efficiency with innovative hole transport layer technology.
Jul 4, 2024 // Technology, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, KAUST
'Self-healing' Passivation Boosts Perovskite Solar Cell Performance
Revolutionary 'self-healing' passivation method boosts perovskite solar cell stability and performance, paving the way for more reliable and efficient sustainable energy solutions.
Jul 1, 2024 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, Monash University, University of Oxford, City University of Hong Kong, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tunghai University, National Central University
Efficient Inverted Perovskite Solar Cell with Indium-Doped NiOx
Colombian researchers achieve 20.06% efficiency with innovative NiOxIn solar cell, offering stability and cost-effectiveness in renewable energy technology.
Jun 28, 2024 // Technology, South america, solar cell, perovskite, Colombia, efficiency, Universidad de los Andes
ChatGPT boosts efficiency of perovskite solar cells
Revolutionizing solar cell design with ChatGPT: Nankai University and Linköping University discover PAA's potential for efficiency boost, showcasing the power of AI in material science.
Jun 25, 2024 // Technology, Sweden, China, Europe, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, Linköping University, efficiency, Nankai University
ASU Researcher Secures Funding for Perovskite Solar Panel Standards
Arizona State University researcher Nick Rolston is paving the way for reliable perovskite solar panels with NSF funding, aiming to create industry standards for durability and efficiency.
Jun 21, 2024 // Technology, solar panel, perovskite, Arizona State University
Canon's Breakthrough: New Materials Enhance Perovskite Solar Cell Durability
Revolutionize the solar industry with Canon's new material for perovskite solar cells, enhancing durability and stability for mass production by 2025.
Jun 18, 2024 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, Canon
Efficient Hybrid Perovskite-Organic LEDs: Stable & High-Color Purity
Revolutionary hybrid LED technology combines the best of perovskite and organic LEDs for high performance, stability, and potential in display and lighting markets.
Jun 14, 2024 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency
High-Efficiency Carbon Electrode Perovskite Solar Cells via CIP
Revolutionary lamination technique, CIP, creates high-efficiency carbon electrode-based perovskite solar cells to rival gold electrodes. A game-changer in renewable energy technology.
Jun 11, 2024 // Technology, Australia, solar cells, perovskite, Oceania, efficiency, Monash University, CSIRO Manufacturing
Record 99.6% Geometrical Fill Factor in Perovskite Solar Modules
Revolutionary laser techniques achieve over 99.5% fill factor in perovskite solar modules, reducing yield losses and boosting efficiency to 30%.
Jun 6, 2024 // Technology, perovskite, solar module, efficiency
Self-disintegrating seed boosts perovskite solar cell efficiency to 23.73%
Revolutionary perovskite solar cell with record-breaking efficiency of 23.73% and impressive stability. Innovative 'self-disintegrating seed' strategy optimizes morphology and enhances performance.
May 31, 2024 // Technology, Floating PV, China, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, Beijing Institute of Technology, Southwest Petroleum University, Chongqing University, National Center for Nanoscience, Technology and Tongwei Solar