HJT Module of Huasun Himalaya Claims to Develop Efficiency Record

Mar 22, 2023 11:33 AM ET
  • Himalaya G12-132 modules are asserted to be at the very least 6%to 8% greater than other kinds of large-size modules.
  • The HJT module was just recently licensed by testing organization TÜV SÜD.

Chinese maker Huasun Himalaya has revealed that its G12-132 series high-efficient HJT modules have created one more module power record of 723.97 W, with the optimum conversion effectiveness of 23.30%. Huasun claimed it as one more significant advancement after Himalaya module power getting to 715 W in January this year.

Huasun additionally said that the HJT module was recently certified by TÜV SÜD, a globe's authoritative screening organization.

Himalaya G12-132 series HJT modules are made of 210mm HJT solar batteries that adopt single-sided micro-crystalline modern technology incorporating with SMBB design, which keeps boosting cell performance, claimed Huasun. Throughout the module production, these modules are enveloped with PIB and also incorporated with light conversion movie, which can make the most of the modules' water resistance and air rigidity in addition to decrease the damages to the cells triggered by ultraviolet radiation as well as enhance its absorption, so the modules can understand a higher efficient as well as stabler efficiency.

Huasun determined the yearly power generation of Himalaya G12-132 modules at the very least 6%to 8% greater than other sorts of large-size modules, which can decrease the LCOE efficiently and also bring higher financial investment returns.

Himalaya G12-132 module was a smash hit launched by Huasun in the middle of 2022, specifically designed for utility power stations. Until now, these modules have actually been delivered as well as set up in various nations and regions worldwide, consisting of a 50MW agrivoltaics project in Shandong province, which is the largest HJT power station in China without a doubt.

From 710W in June 2022, to 715W in January 2023, and also to 723.97 W now, Huasun states that it maintains setting new records of module power output created by itself. In the future, the module maker is intending to coming to be the "Himalaya" in solar industry depending on its high-efficient HJT products with reduced LCOE, to lead the industrial development as well as speed up the change of power structure.

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