Enlight gets 525MW Croatian PV and wind

Jul 5, 2022 05:12 PM ET
  • Portfolio comprises 4 solar projects that complete 386MW as well as one 139MW wind project
Enlight gets 525MW Croatian PV and wind
Image: Unsplash/Red Zeppelin UVGE

Enlight Renewable Energy has actually signed a contract for the purchase as well as joint growth of a 525MW portfolio of renewable energy projects in Croatia.

The portfolio consists of five projects, throughout various phases of advancement.

4 are solar, completing 386MW as well as one is a 139MW wind project.

Enlight anticipates the projects will commence building from the end of 2023 through 2025, based on the successful completion of the growth phase for each project.

The portfolio is among the biggest as well as most sophisticated portfolios of renewable energy projects in Croatia, as well as will certainly allow Enlight to expand its task in Croatia to consist of huge solar projects, together with its existing functional top quality Lukovac wind project.

As a member of the European Union, Croatia has taken on a National Energy as well as Climate Plan (NECP) to raise the generation of power from renewable sources from 28% to over 36% by 2030 as well as 66% by 2050.

Croatia benefits from one of the toughest solar sources in Europe as well as untapping the potential of its solar sources will certainly be essential to achieving the country's 2030 and 2050 eco-friendly targets.

Enlight currently possesses a 1.2 GW portfolio of renewable energy projects between Hungary, Kosovo, Serbia as well as Croatia, including 316MW of functional plants.



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