Clear power-generating windows based upon solar-thermal-electric conversion

Aug 10, 2021 09:30 PM ET
  • Windows are one of the most significant heat exchange network between buildings as well as the outdoors atmosphere, making up 50% of the energy inflow/lost from structures. Using windows for energy effectiveness and also power generation is a powerful complement to the use of roofings and walls.
Clear power-generating windows based upon solar-thermal-electric conversion

The existing power generation window modern technology generally incorporates clear photovoltaic cells with architectural glass. Nevertheless, the increased power generation performance frequently comes at the expense of window transparency.

Researchers from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) recommended a new type of clear power-generating window that combines solar-thermal-electric conversion with products' wavelength-selective absorption. Appropriate results were published in Advanced Energy Materials.

The wavelength-selective film, containing Cs0.33 WO3 and material, has high visible-light transmittance of up to 88%. Meanwhile it enables reliable as well as selective harvesting of ultraviolet and infrared lights, and also converts the soaked up light into heat.

Thermoelectric tools are designed to be organized along the side locations of the film. Heat is collected continually by the large-area wavelength-selective film and after that side to side performed to the hot side of thermoelectric devices, where heat is converted into power.

This power-generating system decouples the energy conversion performance from light transparency of the window, thus allowing independent policy for both. On the other hand, owing to infrared light being soaked up, this technology can also lower the cooling lots of the buildings, attaining efficient energy savings.

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