Blackstone Technology Presents New 3D Printed Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

Feb 23, 2021 05:46 PM ET
  • Switzerland-based Blackstone Resources announced vital achievements by its subsidiary Blackstone Technology, during its Blackstone's Battery Day held recently. On that day, the company presented a brand-new 3D-printed lithium-ion battery cell created with its very own proprietary copyrighted technology.
Blackstone Technology Presents New 3D Printed Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

Blackstone Technology was introduced with the sole purpose to establish Blackstone's know-how in battery production.

The Chief Executive Officer of Blackstone Technology, Holger Gritzka presented a preseries manufacturing example cell which Blackstone Technology will bring into manufacturing at these manufacturing centers this summer, whose production procedure is environmentally friendly and supplies exceptional efficiency contrasted to current battery technology, the business asserts.

CEO Holger Gritzka thinks the next generation of batteries made at these centers must be based on a tidy and also sustainable sort of technology. This indicates, for example, utilizing electrodes that are not harmful and harmful to the environment. He also highlighted how essential it was that the battery products used ought to be sourced ethically and sustainably. Blackstone Resources might provide battery steels from their resources such as lithium from Chile.

Gritzka presented an LFP (lithium ferrophosphate) based kind of battery technology today, that has a cathode based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP). This is cost-effective and also does not need cobalt or nickel. In addition, other mixes with various other metals like NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) batteries are likewise being planned.

Furthermore, he clarified that no poisonous products are used with these batteries but water only. Although LFP technology normally has a reduced power thickness in comparison to other battery chemistries, Blackstone's proprietary thick-layer technology that is made use of at Blackstone Technology cancels out these negative aspects. The LFP battery technology presented deals 20-25 percent much more power thickness compared to existing lithium-ion battery technology, he declares.

Remarkably, the firm has actually already held talks with a number of clients that would like to make use of the batteries generated by Blackstone Technology in their products. Additionally, the business will certainly supply 10,000 battery cells for this EU project by following Springtime.