As Chinese Majors Slash Wafer Prices Dramatically, Expect Moderation In Panel Prices Ultimately

Jan 2, 2023 11:53 AM ET
  • Leading Chinese producers, like Longi, TCL Zhonghuan and also Tongwei Solar have made the prices to slide by as much as 27 percent, the China Silicon Industry Association exposed.

China is the world's biggest producer of solar panels and also any price fluctuations in the country have effects for the remainder of the world with respect to supply chain and supply and need characteristics. According to a report by the International Energy Agency, China dominates the photovoltaic or pv industry with 80% share. This domination is specifically severe at the early stages of the solar supply chain, specifically, Polysilicon, Ingots and also Wafers.

Stepping into 2023, leading Chinese manufacturers have actually lastly reduced wafer prices, and linked to that solar panel prices, which is sure to trigger a surge popular worldwide, especially in crisis-hit Europe. Polysilicon, which is a major basic material in solar business, has actually witnessed a decrease in price as a result of supply exceeding need as fresh capabilities lastly can be found in. Leading Chinese producers, like Longi, TCL Zhonghuan and Tongwei Solar have actually cut prices, bring about slides as much as 27 percent, the China Silicon Industry Association revealed.

A slew of producers in China were entrusted to no choice yet to slash prices as need was hit following the rise in COVID, which, in turn, had a bearing on solar energy installment. By the end of 2022, supply was in excess of need. With the fresh prices cuts, new demand is expected to be created in Europe together with various other substantial markets like Southeast Asia, Center East and Africa, specialists say. They are likewise of the view that the residential industry of China may witness price conflicts between producers of solar wafers, provided the inequality in supply as well as demand.

Yet will these bring about renewed passion in markets like India also? It's too early to tell, specifically as India has actually put up considerable toll walls throughout FY22 on solar imports in any case, and also the more recent prices remain too high for the convenience of several Indian developers sitting on winning bids from 2019-21.

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