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ANPIER urges Spanish authorities to curb building of mega-solar projects
Spain needs to restrict the size of brand-new solar parks to motivate the deployment of smaller sized projects located better to consumers, the country's National Association of Photovoltaic Power Producers (ANPIER) has actually claimed.
Mar 2, 2021 // Plants, Large-Scale, Markets & Finance News, Grids, Policy, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, Spain, Europe, distribution, sfi con london, anpier, Miguel Ángel Martínez-Aroca
Australia gives new priority condition to AU$ 22bn renewable resource export project
An Australian solar-plus-storage project that intends to provide 20% of Singapore's electricity need has actually been marked as a priority initiative by advising group Facilities Australia.
Mar 1, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Grids, Policy, ENERGY STORAGE, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, Michael Gunner, solar-plus-storage, Sun Cable, transmission, AAPL, australia solar, Infrastructure Australia, renewables export
Solar Diesel Mini Grids
Little lattices address a fascinating and significant halfway point between independent and significant network power frameworks. They commonly serve far off networks that are not conservative to associate with huge matrices because of their seclusion, however that have an adequate thickness and variety of end clients so it bodes well to interface them together instead of supply them all with independent frameworks.
Feb 26, 2021 // Grids, IEA, frameworks, Mini Grid
Grid-enhancing tech might unlock connection queues, increasing eco-friendly capability-- study
Technologies to help take on grid congestion can double the quantity of solar and also wind deployed by 2025, according to a new research.
Feb 25, 2021 // Grids, USA, North America, large scale solar, transmission network, brattle group, connection queues, study, watt coalition, Rob Gramlich
Swinerton breaks ground on 200-MW National Grid solar project in Illinois
National Grid Renewables, that includes the renewables growth company previously known as Geronimo Power, revealed the begin of construction on the 200-MW Prairie Wolf Solar Project in Coles County, Illinois.
Feb 24, 2021 // Plants, Grids, USA, North America, Solar Project, Eric Hoegger, David Reamer, George Hershman, Wes Humphres
Micro and Mini-Grids as a New-Era Innovation Systems
The new era of renewable energy starts in 2020. Its development is expected in 2021 and next years. One of the hot-topic systems is micro and mini-grids powered by RE resources. Solar energy is used as the main electricity source, so this type of generator started to be implemented more often throughout the world
Feb 24, 2021 // Grids, Africa, Microgrids, Peter Lilienthal
Fresh information become AU$ 540m Victoria REZ plan bids to unlock 10GW of new renewable ability
New details have emerged regarding a strategy to develop 6 Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) in the Australian state of Victoria, opening 10GW of extra capacity for renewables
Feb 23, 2021 // Grids, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, Victoria, Australia, Lily D’Ambrosio, Oceania, grid, rez, Mark Gepp
Commercial demand to drive grid growth in Denmark
The advancement of Denmark's grid will be driven by increasing power needs from consumers instead of the expanding renewables industry, a panel of essential figures in the nation's eco-friendly energy sector have recommended.
Feb 23, 2021 // Grids, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, Europe, Denmark, grid connection, sfi con london, european solar, grid capacity, northern europe, Jens Peter Zink
Virginia's University of Richmond represent complete electrical power use with solar power
The University of Richmond is now one of just two college establishments in the United States, and also the initial in the southeast, to match 100% of its electrical energy needs with a solitary solar power source.
Jan 28, 2021 // Grids, USA, sPower, Virginia, North America, University of Richmond, Spider Solar, Mark Detterick
Silicon carbide inverters can open medium-voltage grids for solar installs
A research project has created a silicon carbide inverter with the ability of allowing large-scale solar systems to connect straight to medium-voltage grids without the need of a transformer.
Jan 26, 2021 // Inverters, Grids, Fraunhofer ISE, silicon carbide, medium-voltage grids, Andreas Hensel
First Batch of World's Largest Tidal-Flat 300MW Utility Scale Solar PV Plant Successfully Connected to the Grid
The very first set of units of world's biggest tidal-flat energy PV plant (300 MW), acquired by the 12th Bureau of Hydropower, have actually been efficiently attached to the grid for power generation. This completed the yearly grid link objective securely, effectively and also satisfactorily.
Jan 16, 2021 // Plants, Grids, PV Power Plant, Solis, Bureau of Hydropower, Charles Hua, power generation, tidal-flat utility PV plant
Record 15.4 GW of utility-scale solar to find online in the US this year, EIA says
A record quantity of utility-scale PV ability is anticipated to be linked to the grid in the United States this year, with Texas audit for more than a quarter of solar enhancements, according to brand-new data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).
Jan 12, 2021 // Plants, Large-Scale, Markets & Finance News, Grids, USA, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, solar-plus-storage, North America, EIA
Australian regulatory authority calls for 'immediate' reform to address challenges encountering electricity supply
Australia has "just months" to settle a redesign of its National Electricity Market (NEM) so customers can profit of raised sustainable generation capability, according to the regulator that gives oversight for energy security and also integrity in the nation.
Jan 6, 2021 // Markets & Finance News, Grids, Policy, Australia, rooftop PV, Oceania, grid connection, national electricity market, Kerry Schott
Encavis attaches 300MW Spanish solar
Talayuela PV project becomes part of 500MW portfolio in Spain expected to produce EUR36m in 2021
Jan 5, 2021 // Plants, Grids, Spain, Europe, encavis, Dierk Paskert
Ofgem looks for 'more control' of energy system
Report from regulatory authority requires public body to take tactical role in change to net absolutely no
Dec 14, 2020 // Grids, Policy, UK, Europe, Ofgem, net-zero