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Solar Farm in Space? European Space Agency Contemplates the Idea
Scientists are propogating an enthusiastic plan to harness solar power from orbit to power the planet. At a two-day conference in Paris, the European Space Agency (ESA), which the UK is a part of, is disputing ideas for developing a solar farm in space. To transfer microwave energy to Earth, analogous to the high-frequency radio waves located in a microwave oven, the SOLARIS project gathers sunshine over a huge location in space.
Nov 24, 2022 // Technology, Paris, ESA, SBSP, microwaves can pass through clouds, orbit to power the planet, space-based solar power, the European Space Agency
Popular NREL cell efficiency chart shines in new interactive version
There is a new means to explore the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL's) famous chart highlighting the efficiency of solar cells.
Nov 22, 2022 // Technology, NREL, solar cell, efficiency
Researchers optimize efficiency as well as stability of multi-layer organic solar cells
Acceptor layers made from oligomers can enhance the efficiency of organic solar cells as well as ensure a lengthy operating life at the same time. This is the result of a series of intricate laboratory experiments conducted by products researchers at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU).
Nov 22, 2022 // Technology, organic solar cells, FAU, Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nurnberg
Researchers develop perovskite-CIGS with 21.1% efficiency
Researchers from the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Study Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) have actually accomplished 21.1 percent efficiency with tandem perovskite - CIGS solar cells. These thin-film-based modules are very efficient, light and flexible as well as can open doors to lots of new usage cases for which standard rigid modules are not suitable.
Nov 21, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, ZSW, efficiency, Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg, Jan-Philipp Becker, perovskite-CIGS
New understandings right into energy loss open doors for up-and-coming solar tech
Organic solar cells are an emerging technology with a great deal of promise. Unlike the ubiquitous silicon solar panel, they have the possible to be lightweight, flexible, and present a variety of colors, making them particularly eye-catching for urban or façade applications. Nonetheless, continued innovations in device performance have been slow as researchers work to recognize the fundamental processes underlying exactly how organic solar cells operate.
Nov 21, 2022 // Technology, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, organic solar cells, Princeton University, Barry Rand
Graphene-Powered Lithium-Ion Battery Of Nanotech Energy Survives Bullet Shot
In the abuse test, despite the ferocious force of impact of the bullet, the battery did not catch fire as well as even still held a charge.
Nov 21, 2022 // Technology, Storage, Lithium-ion batteries, Nanotech Energy, Jack Kavanaugh, graphene-powered batteries
Predicting the device performance of perovskite solar cells with machine learning
Steel halide perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have been rapidly established in the past years. To obtain high-performance PSCs, it is essential to optimize the construction procedures as well as the structure of the perovskite films. Substantial work has actually been carried out to identify the impacts of the fabrication procedures and also composition of the perovskite films on the device performance.
Nov 18, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zheng Xu, Dandan Song
New discoveries made concerning a promising solar cell material, thanks to new microscope
A team of scientists from the Department of Energy's Ames National Laboratory has established a new characterization device that allowed them to gain unique insight right into a feasible different material for solar cells.
Nov 17, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, Department of Energy's Ames National Laboratory, Jigang Wang, Richard Kim
All-3D-printed lithium metal batteries with high energy density
A study group led by Prof. Wu Zhongshuai from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has actually created all-3D-printed Li metal batteries (LMBs) with robust cycle stability and ultrahigh areal energy density.
Nov 17, 2022 // Technology, Storage, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, DICP, Wu Zhongshuai
A novel concept for photovoltaics that exploits the ability of products to exist in various crystalline phases
The group of Prof. Yana Vaynzof at the Integrated Center for Physics as well as Photonic Materials (IAPP) and also the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed) at Technische Universität Dresden has demonstrated a novel concept for solar cells that exploits the ability of materials to exist in various crystalline phases. The relevant study has actually now been released in the journal Nature Energy.
Nov 16, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, Yana Vaynzof, Technische Universität Dresden, Integrated Center for Physics and Photonic Materials, IAPP
International research collaboration generates all-perovskite tandem solar cell with high efficiency, record voltage
A collaboration between University of Toronto Engineering, Northwestern University and also the University of Toledo has led to an all-perovskite tandem solar cell with exceptionally high effectiveness as well as record-setting voltage.
Nov 16, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, Ted Sargent, University of Toronto
Putting the brakes on lithium-ion batteries to prevent fires
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used to power everything from wise watches to electrical vehicles, thanks to the large amounts of power they can save in small spaces. When overheated, nevertheless, they're prone to catching fire and even taking off. Yet recent study published in Nano Letters uses a possible solution with a new innovation that can swiftly put the brakes on a Li-ion battery, shutting it down when it obtains also warm.
Nov 15, 2022 // Technology, Storage, lithium-ion battery, Yapei Wang, Kai Liu
Solar cells as part of the house façades of the future
Photovoltaic panel with various colors can be incorporated in the façades of buildings as well as end up being a visually interesting part of the architecture. The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is teaming up with façade specialist HSHansen to document the result of different-colored photovoltaic or pv elements.
Nov 15, 2022 // BIPV, Technology, solar cells, DTU, Technical University of Denmark, Sune Thorsteinsson
A high-speed sequential deposition approach to fabricate photoactive layers for organic cells
Organic photovoltaics, solar power devices based on organic semiconductors, have so far accomplished very promising cause experimental settings, both in regards to efficiency as well as stability. Nevertheless, engineers have not yet designed trusted approaches to fabricate these devices on a large-scale at a sensible cost.
Nov 9, 2022 // Technology, China, Asia, solar cell, efficiency, Jie Min, Wuhan University, organic cells
Ultrathin solar cells assure enhanced satellite performance
The majority of space satellites are powered by photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight to electrical energy. Direct exposure to particular types of radiation present in orbit can harm the devices, degrading their performance and restricting their lifetime.
Nov 9, 2022 // Technology, solar cells, University of Cambridge, Armin Barthel