Solar Technology & PV R&D News

17.1% Efficient Steel Perovskite Solar Cells
Australian researchers develop record-breaking PSC on steel with 17.1% efficiency, leveraging ITO interlayer, SnO2 ETL, and OABra passivation strategy.
Aug 25, 2023 // Technology, UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY, University of New South Wales, perovskite solar cell, University of Sydney, Macquarie University
23.7% Solar Cell: A New Monolith Perovskite-PERC
New research from the Netherlands has led to the creation of a monolithic perovskite-PERC tandem solar cell with a tunnel recombination junction, achieving an efficiency of 23.7%. This technology is expected to be beneficial for scaling up to larger sizes.
Aug 25, 2023 // Technology, Europe, solar cell, perovskite, Netherlands, Eindhoven University of Technology, TNO, TNO/Holst Centre, Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems, EIRES
Minimizing Voltage Loss in Ternary Solar Cells
Researchers have identified two design strategies to minimize voltage losses and improve open-circuit voltage in ternary organic solar cells. Yuming Wang from Linköping University leads a team of researchers including those from Hasselt University, IMEC, and other institutes studying the origins of this loss of voltage. Results published in Nature Energy.
Aug 22, 2023 // Technology, solar cell, Linköping University, organic solar cell, Hasselt University, Imec
Solix Sprayer: 95% Reduction in Herbicide Use
Solinftec's partnership with American cooperatives promises over 95% reduction in herbicide application for sustainable production.
Aug 22, 2023 // Technology, Solinftec, solix sprayer
Power Roll Secures £1M for Low-Cost Solar Film
Power Roll has secured an investment of £1 million to expand their patentedMicrogrooves technology andcommercialize their affordable and efficient flexible solar film worldwide. Their solar film can produce cost-effective electricity for a variety of applications.
Aug 21, 2023 // Technology, Markets & Finance News, Power Roll
Liquid-Shielded Protects Water-Sensitive Materials
Harvard researchers have developed a novel liquid-based encapsulation platform offering water protection without sacrificing the properties of contained materials. Features include flexibility, optical transparency, and self-healing - perfect for devices like solar cells and bioelectronics.
Aug 18, 2023 // Technology, perovskite, Harvard University
KAUST, LONGi Advance Solar Energy
KAUST and LONGi sign MoU to foster innovation in solar energy, leveraging expertise and resources to advance technologies, develop materials, optimize performance, and promote talent development. Helping to address climate change and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.
Aug 18, 2023 // Technology, LONGi, KAUST
Bio-Inspired Solar Devices: Stability & Efficiency Boosted
Penn State scientists have found a cost-effective way to harness nature's wisdom to make more efficient, stable solar cells using perovskite material and synthesized biomolecules. Create larger devices without sacrificing efficiency or sunlight-to-electricity conversion.
Aug 17, 2023 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, efficiency, Penn State
Unveiling 21.5% Efficiency of All-Inorganic Perovskite Cells
Researchers at Chonnam University in South Korea have developed a new type of solar cell with 21.59% power conversion efficiency. Anti-solvent free hot-air method was used to fabricate the prototype, leading to 18.43% efficiency when scaled up. This could pave the way for widespread use of perovskite solar cell modules.
Aug 17, 2023 // Technology, South Korea, Asia, perovskite cell, Efficienc, Chonnam University
Indoor Solar Perovskites Power Future
Harness the power of the sun with innovative perovskite solar cells that offer clean, renewable energy for indoor applications.
Aug 16, 2023 // Technology, Italy, Europe, Asia, solar cell, perovskite, Iran, efficiency, Centre for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy, CHOSE, Department of Electronic Engineering at Tor Vergata University of Rome, Department of Textile Engineering at the University of Guilan, GreatCell Solar Italia, Institute of Crystallography, IC-CNR, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies at the University of Salento, Institute of Nanotechnology, CNR NANOTEC
First Solar: Quantum Dot Efficiency for Solar
Discover the world's first solar energy breakthrough with quantum dot efficiency – from First Solar. Learn more now!
Aug 16, 2023 // Technology, Manufacturing News, First Solar, efficiency, ubiqd, quantum dot
Eco-Friendly Hydrogen: OHP Photoanode Boosts Water Splitting
A research team has developed a highly efficient OHP-based photoanode for the production of hydrogen through photoelectrochemical water splitting. The team found that the addition of GTMACl to the OHP photoanode suppresses internal and external losses for an unprecedented efficiency.
Aug 14, 2023 // Technology, hydrogen, efficiency, GIST, Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology, KRICT, lawrence berkeley national laboratory, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
MAHLE's Bionic Plate: Battery Cooling Revolutionized
MAHLE, a Germany-based automotive supplier, has unveiled a bionic battery cooling plate to improve cooling performance by 10% and reduce pressure loss by 20%. The new plate also uses 15% less material, reducing CO2 emissions. MAHLE will present this innovation at IAA Mobility and will collaborate with ProLogium for the development of a thermal management system for solid-state batteries.
Aug 11, 2023 // Technology, Storage, Germany, Europe, MAHLE
"Cage Traps" for Perovskite Solar Pb Management
Researchers from Zhengzhou University and Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a new lead capturing technique for perovskite solar cells to mitigate Pb leakage and shield from external invasion, providing insights into green and sustainable industrial processes.
Aug 8, 2023 // Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, perovskite solar cell, Zhengzhou University
Optimizing Perovskite Solar Cells: Improved Efficiency & Lifetime
Perovskite solar cell technology takes a step forward with improved upper and lower interfaces, resulting in a conversion efficiency of 24.3%, long-term stability and efficiency of up to 22.6% in mini-modules.
Aug 7, 2023 // Technology, Europe, solar cell, perovskite, Belgium, efficiency, University of Hasselt at Energyville