Wisconsin governor issues executive order mandating carbon-free energy mix by 2050
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has signed off on Executive Order 38, a motion that will create an Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy within the state, with the office tasked with achieving the goal of ensuring all electricity consumed within the State of Wisconsin is 100% carbon-free by 2050. Other missions of the Wisconsin Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy will include ensuring that the state fulfills the carbon reduction goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, foster innovation, research, and business development within the renewable energy market and develop energy efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy standards for all new and existing state facilities, office buildings, and complexes. The office will also promote clean energy workforce training though a partnership with the University of Wisconsin System, Wisconsin Technical College System and other workforce programs. In terms of developing a new clean energy plan for Wisconsin, the Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy will work in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Transportation, the Public Service Commission, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, other state agencies, Native Nations, local governments, utilities, businesses, and other stakeholders to develop and implement said plan.  Per the release from the Office of the Governor, Evers' order comes from the fact that “climate change poses a serious threat to Wisconsin's natural resources, public health, communities, tourism, and economy.”  The release adds that past research by the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts revealed that by the middle of the century, statewide average annual temperatures are likely to warm by 6 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Another report from the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests that under the current trajectory, by 2050 Wisconsin could see two weeks per year of dangerous heat - with heat indexes above 100 degrees - analogous to the current climate in states such as Alabama and South Carolina.  While Wisconsin trails behind other US states when it comes to PV generation, more and more solar projects are on the horizon, headlined by the 300MW Badger Hollow Solar Farm, which is being developed by Chicago-based Invenergy. 
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WEC Energy Group subsidiaries recommend 325-MW solar + storage project in Wisconsin
The project is prepared to be constructed in Rock and also Walworth areas, Wisconsin. Last month, the business revealed prepare for the 310-MW Paris Solar-Battery
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Wisconsin's Second-Largest Solar Farm Planned In Kenosha County
sent a design intend on Feb. 20, to the general public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC). This project, the Paris Solar Farm, would certainly be a 200-megawatt
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Alliant Energy reveals 'clever financial investment' in 675MW of solar in Wisconsin
Richland, Rock, Sheboygan and also Timber. With each other they will make the Wisconsin utility the state's largest owner-operator of solar. The 6 websites will
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Xcel Energy reveals plans for biggest solar project in western Wisconsin
energy to our consumers," stated Mark Stoering, president, Xcel Energy, Wisconsin as well as Michigan. "From our totally subscribed Wisconsin community
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Carlson Electric will install 100-kW solar system at Wisconsin horseradish farm
Farm solar project will be one of the first farm solar installations in Wisconsin. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, less than
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MGE, We Energies to acquire remaining 150MW of Wisconsin PV project
We Energies filed a joint application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, with We Energies set to own 100MW of the project and MGE with the remaining
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Alliant Energy intends 414 MW of new solar building in Wisconsin
to cleaner energy," said David de Leon, head of state of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin energy business. "This proceeded transition is a clever financial investment,
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Alliant Energy to develop utility's first neighborhood solar project in Wisconsin
renewable resource," claimed David de Leon, president of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin power company. "We expect that all blocks will certainly be sold rapidly due
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Wisconsin's First Large-Scale Solar Facility Producing Clean Energy
also will have 100 MW of the 300-MW Badger Hollow Solar Farm in Iowa County, Wisconsin, regarding 12 miles west of Dodgeville. Building continues the 150-MW Phase I
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Dane County Regional Airport turns on biggest solar project in Wisconsin
It is the largest solar array in Dane County and the largest installation in Wisconsin constructed for a single customer. " MGE values the County's collaboration in
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6 US energies to purchase 4 GW solar plants
WEC Group, which serves generally Wisconsin, has a 2021-2025 funding prepare for spending $4.1 billion in sustainable renewables. This consists of 800 MW PV.
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Utilities Recommend $400M Solar-Battery Park In Kenosha County
4 hours," stated Conway. WEC Energy Group, which owns We Energies as well as Wisconsin Civil service, submitted the proposal with MGE to the Public Service
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Alliant Energy Corporation announces additional 1 gigawatt of solar capacity in the Badger State by 2023
stage of the plan is going to be extra 1 gigawatt of solar power generation in Wisconsin. The announced power capacity is expected to be reached in four years. This
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Combining solar cell and also liquid battery generates long-lasting solar storage
solar-flow batteries, which were additionally developed in the University of Wisconsin Jin lab where lead writer, PhD trainee Wenjie Li, is based. This job is
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