Vanadium redox flow battery for storage space of wind and solar energy

Sep 16, 2020 11:59 AM ET
  • Scientists in India have developed a 5 kW/25 kWh vanadium redox flow battery with an energy thickness of 30 watt-hours to 40 watt-hours per litre.
Vanadium redox flow battery for storage space of wind and solar energy
Image: Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) have actually created a kilowatt-scale vanadium redox flow battery to store electrical energy produced by wind and solar projects.

The researchers claimed the system, which is the very first of its kind to be manufactured in India, can be directly released in industrial-scale stacks for grid-level storage. "The efficiency of the brand-new styles has been verified experimentally," they stated.

They told pv magazine that the storage system has actually a rated power ability of 5 kW and also 8 kW of peak power, with 25 kWh of storage space capacity. Its power density varies from 30 watt-hours to 40 watt-hours per liter, with a round-trip effectiveness of greater than 70% at rated power and 60% at peak power.

" The storage ability can be conveniently increased by enhancing the quantity of the electrolyte in the storage tanks or by adding brand-new tanks while keeping the exact same number of stacks," scientist Ravendra Gunlapalli claimed. "Similarly, if the power rating needs to be increased, much more stacks can be linked to the very same tanks."

Each stack features 16 cells, with each cell measuring 1,500 cm2. The electrolyte is made of vanadium oxide sulfate hydrate and the electrode is made from graphitized carbon really felt.

The scientists utilized three-dimensional facility geometry and mesh aspects for the computational liquid dynamics (CFD) simulations to study the flow distribution as well as total pressure drop in the cell.

" This mix of experiments and simulations for cell dimensions in the range 400 to 1500 cm2 in numerous sorts of flow areas have actually not been reported in the literature and also constituted the significant contributions of today work," they stated. "The enhanced understanding generated from these extensive research studies led to two copyrighted cutting-edge ideas checked at cell as well as stack degree."

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