US Energy Storage Market Sets Record for Deployments in Q2: WoodMac

Sep 4, 2020 01:04 PM ET
  • The United States energy storage space market saw its strongest Q2 on record for releases, according to Wood Mackenzie and the United States ESA's newest report

The United States power storage sector saw its greatest 2nd quarter on record for releases. According to Wood Mackenzie and the U.S. Energy Storage Association's (ESA) most recent 'United States Energy Storage Monitor' report, 168 MW were released in Q2 2020. This is an increase of 72 percent quarter-over-quarter, 117 percent year-over-year and is the second-highest quarterly total ever before seen, falling simply behind Q4 2019 (186.4 MW).

One huge front-of-meter (FTM) project coming partially on-line in California, making up greater than two-thirds of the total FTM MW released, assisted to drive this level of quarterly activity. The massive system puts California back on the map after a peaceful 2019 and also, according to the report, the state is anticipated to stay there over the following six quarters.

The US FTM market expanded more than fourfold compared to Q1. Implementations notched their fifth-best quarterly total amount (89.8 MW) as well as the largest Q2 on record.

An additional record quarter for property storage releases, which raised 28 percent YoY, shows that California and Hawaii successfully kept setups progressing with coronavirus lockdowns.

Dan Finn-Foley, Wood Mackenzie Head of Energy Storage, claimed "the United States energy storage market has actually proven extremely resistant to influences from coronavirus lockdowns. The business as well as industrial (C&I) room was the only segment that revealed a slowdown. This was mainly due to a decrease in the C&I California market as a result of allowing and also various other delays. We anticipate the rest of the year ahead in strong as expanding passion in property storage, emerging brand-new markets for C&I and also large FTM systems are readied to break quarterly records."

According to the report, the non-residential market demonstrated even more volatility than the household market in the second quarter of 2020.

At 29.5 MW, the section notched its second quarterly decrease in implementations. Quarterly releases fell by 7 percent QoQ as the marketplace soaked up the shocks from coronavirus lockdowns much more acutely than the household segment. Nonetheless, despite the sector's problem, it still achieved its fifth-highest degree of quarterly implementations thanks to rising setups in Massachusetts.

With Q2 implementations establishing a record this year, Wood Mackenzie as well as ESA forecast the United States energy storage space market to grow significantly over the next six years.

The report goes on to add that the US market will certainly expand greater than sevenfold by 2025 compared to the annual market in 2020. Because duration, MWh growth is anticipated to speed up faster than MW development as ordinary discharge periods raise with time as a result of a focus on services such as capability rise.

The group expects the property section will certainly continue its upward pattern, beating its 2020 numbers sixfold in 2025. The non-residential section will see an annual market in 2025 that is eight times larger than the 2020 market.

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