Trina Solar Unveils New n-type i-TOPCon Advanced Technology with 26% Efficiency

Jun 8, 2023 11:06 AM ET
  • Following year onwards, the Vertex n-type series will be upgraded, with the most powerful module in the series generating more than 700 W, the firm introduced.
  • Trina Solar, a farm that explores solar power development, has unveiled its new n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology.

The technology was given its initial public viewing on the initial day of the International Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference and also Exhibition in Shanghai on May 24, 2023. Following year onwards, the Vertex n-type series will certainly be updated, with one of the most effective module in the series generating more than 700 W, the firm revealed.

At the exhibition, Trina Solar likewise announced that work with Phase II of its 15 GW monocrystalline silicon ingot project at its manufacturing facility in Xining, Qinghai Province, has started. Work has also begun on its 10 GW n-type high-efficiency cell and also 10 GW n-type module project in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. On top of that, Trina Solar has taken the lead in establishing a net-zero system by starting the Environmental Product Declaration and also carbon impact certification for its Vertex N modules.

N-type i-TOPCon progressed cells accomplishes efficiency of 26% in mass production and 700W+ module power

At the launch, Dr Chen Yifeng, Associate Vice President of Trina Solar, highlighted the significance of four innovations: the 210R rectangular cell, the careful boron emitter, the backside microstructure reflector, and the highly doped TOPCon framework with PECVD. These have allowed new-generation i-TOPCon progressed technology to supply prospective manufacturing efficiency of 26%, with module power outcome of as much as 700W.

Generally for energy power plants, the Vertex N modules with power approximately 700W better reduce LCOE as well as will certainly come to mass production following year.

Trina Solar says it is a pioneer in integrating rectangular cell technology as well as n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology, providing customized solutions for various settings. Vertex N 605W modules, made for power plant in intricate terrain as well as C&I solar stations, function enhanced module dimensions that make the most of using tracker length, with a 13% increase in installation capacity for single-row tracker systems. These modules additionally make the most of making use of container area, the utilization rate reaching 98.5% in a 40-foot-high cube (40HC) container, causing a 12.4% reduction in logistics prices as well as reduced BOS prices for customers.

Vertex S+ modules provide power of 450W. Compared with normal n-type residential modules in the industry, these modules give 5.88% even more installment capacity for rooftops of the same area.

In the future, with the application of front-side complete passivation call cell technology, the automation efficiency of Trina Solar's n-type cells with i-TOPCon Ultra technology is forecast to surpass 27%. Moreover, with the implementation of i-TOPCon tandem technology, cell efficiency is anticipated to go beyond 30%. Additionally, Trina Solar's Vertex n-type modules have actually attracted the distinctions of third-party organizations such as China General Certification, RETC as well as PVEL for their dependability.

40 GW n-type cell will certainly let loose vertical integration to ensure worldwide delivery

The Trina Solar projects in Qinghai Province and also Jiangsu Province lay a structure for constant product supply for the company's n-type modules and ensure worry-free product distribution, states Trina.

By the end of the year, Trina Solar's module production capacity is forecast to reach 95 GW while cell production capacity 75 GW, with 40 GW dedicated to n-type cells.

A few days back, the firm has introduced signing up with fellow Chinese solar titans Longi and also Jinko Solar to reveal major new growth plans. In a current announcement, Trina Solar said it will certainly invest around CNY8.7 billion (USD1.2 billion) in a new plant and relevant centers in China's Sichuan province.

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