Tesla-based battery project launched in Slovenia

Oct 15, 2019 10:09 PM ET
  • New company NGEN appears to have introduced the Powerpack battery to central Europe in a €15 million, 12.6 MW/22.6 MWh project in the northwest of the country which is the first of two planned utility scale systems due for completion by July.
Tesla-based battery project launched in Slovenia
Image: NGEN
Energy storage start-up NGEN has announced the launch of a 12.6 MW/22.6 MWh battery system in northwestern Slovenia.

The business was set up in the middle of last year to to bring to fruition a grid balancing battery system conceived in 2015 and developed by early last year, according to a press release issued on Saturday. NGEN said its project will provide enough grid ancillary services to support 250 MW of renewable energy generation capacity.

NGEN started construction of its battery project in April and carried out the first operational tests for the €15 million system at the end of August.

The project developer said it has launched the first of Tesla’s Powerpack battery systems “in the region” and acquired the battery last year to form the basis of the project.

The battery system reportedly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer automated grid balancing services as well as enabling power exchange energy trading for clients. With NGEN co-founder Damian Merlak having set up cryptocurrency trading platforms Bitstamp and Tokens.net, a spokesman for the company said blockchain technology may be incorporated in future NGEN projects.

Merlak co-founded NGEN with Roman Bernard, according to Tesla.

The company reportedly intends to develop a second battery system in Slovenia before July and also offers residential storage systems which can harness its grid balancing technology.

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