Designers show next-generation solar cells can take the heat, keep effectiveness
Perovskites with their crystal frameworks as well as encouraging electro-optical homes could be the energetic component that makes the future generation of low-cost, effective, flexible as well as light-weight solar cells.
May 5, 2020 // Technology, USA, solar cells, North America, perovskites, Iowa, Vikram Dalal, Harshavardhan Gaonkar
Designers make an encouraging product steady sufficient for usage in solar cells
Flexible and also soft products called halide perovskites can make solar cells a lot more reliable at considerably much less price, however they're also unpredictable to utilize.
May 4, 2020 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, solar cell, North America, perovskites, Purdue University, Letian Dou, Brett Savoie
FSU scientists find brand-new framework for encouraging course of products
Florida State University scientists have actually found an unique framework for organic-inorganic crossbreed products that reveals capacity for extra reliable modern technologies.
Apr 28, 2020 // Technology, USA, North America, perovskites, Florida State University, Biwu Ma
NREL Research Boosts Stability of Perovskites, Helps Silicon Solar Cells
An adjustment in the chemical make-up has actually made it possible for researchers at the United States DOE's NREL to improve the durability as well as performance of perovskite solar cells.
Mar 6, 2020 // Technology, USA, NREL, solar cells, North America, perovskites, International, Innovation, US DOE, Caleb Boyd
Graphene, perovskites, and also silicon - a suitable tandem for reliable solar cells
Graphene Flagship scientists at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) as well as its spin-off, Graphene Flagship Associate Member BeDimensional, together with ENEA have actually efficiently integrated graphene with tandem perovskite-silicon solar cells to attain performances of approximately 26.3%.
Mar 4, 2020 // Technology, Italy, solar cells, Europe, silicon, perovskites, efficient, Graphene
Researchers open affordable product from solar cells to adjust light for market
Scientists in Australia have actually discovered a means to control laser light at a portion of the expense of present innovation.
Feb 19, 2020 // Technology, Australia, solar cells, Oceania, perovskites, Girish Lakhwani
The course to market for perovskites
MIT researchers have actually taken a deep study solar modern technology markets looking for a financially lasting course to commercialization for perovskites. The team approximates $1 billion of capital investment would certainly be called for to attain the economic climates of range needed to take on competing solar module modern technologies. Nevertheless, a number of different tips for scaling up with reduced financial investment expenses were additionally taken into consideration.
Feb 17, 2020 // Technology, Markets & Finance News, MIT, perovskites
Unstable perovskites to turn into LEDs emitting blue light
A scientific group from UC Berkeley (USA) has developed a blue-emitting LED from halide perovskites, the cheapness and ease of making of which make them very attractive for electronic applications.
Jan 28, 2020 // Technology, USA, North America, perovskites
Perovskites meet the stability standard
European research group Solliance says its perovskite modules have passed three key industry standard reliability tests: Light soaking, damp heat and thermal cycling. The group said it is the first time perovskite modules of that size have achieved such results and represents a milestone in the technology’s move toward commercialization.
Jan 23, 2020 // Technology, Europe, perovskites, Solliance
Perovskite to boost energy harvest of solar cells
Perovskites are likely to become a cost-effective and high-efficiency alternative for making solar cells as soon as they become as stable as silicon.
Jan 14, 2020 // Technology, China, Australia, solar cells, Asia, Oceania, perovskites
Strain engineering improves stability of perovskites
A group of American scientists have succeeded in making a high-potential halide perovskite more stable under conditions of room temp. They have applied an epitaxial technology to keep the lattice of α-FAPbI3 from taking the shape of a hexagon.
Jan 10, 2020 // Technology, USA, North America, perovskites
Solar energy: the 8 ideas that will make panels more efficient and cheaper
A new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency released this week explains how the sun looks set to shine on solar energy systems over the coming decades, with a wealth of advancements and dropping prices that could boost adoption.
Nov 27, 2019 // Technology, Rooftop PV, Thermal, Floating PV, TESLA, South Korea, Europe, Asia, IRENA, PERC, Norway, perovskites, International Renewable Energy Agency, Thin-film cells, Tandem cells, SINTEF
Newest research on perovskites for solar cell production
A team of German scientists from HZB has performed a thorough research of methylammonium lead iodide structure. The crystal is among the most high-potential perovskites for solar cells. The researchers have discovered some properties, which are likely to help cope with the existing challenges and create cells that can boast both high efficiency and stability.
Nov 20, 2019 // Technology, Germany, UK, Europe, perovskites, HZB