Reordering the layers in solar-cell modules can aid improve efficiency
A solar-cell module that mitigates cell-to-module losses has actually been established by KAUST researchers complying with a rethink of the module's optical design as well as how it must be stacked.
Aug 23, 2022 // Technology, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, solar cell, efficiency, KAUST, Stefaan De Wolf, Lujia Xu
Perovskite material with superlattice structure may surpass performance of a 'perfect' solar cell
A perovskite solar cell established by engineers at the University of California San Diego brings scientists closer to damaging the ceiling on solar cell effectiveness, suggests a research released Aug. 10 in Nature.
Aug 12, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, University of California, efficiency, Yusheng Lei, Sheng Xu
Ultra-thin silicon nanoparticle solar cell with 11% efficiency
Iranian scientists have demonstrated a multi-layer silicon nanoparticle (SNP) solar cell based upon nanoparticles that are densely stacked inside a dielectric medium. They considered different SNP frameworks as well as arrangements to customize these particles as a p-- n junction cell.
Aug 4, 2022 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Asia, solar cell, Iran, efficiency
Inverted perovskite solar cell with 16.94% effectiveness
A US-Chinese research group has actually developed a perovskite solar cell with a hole-transporting material (HTM) based upon carrying out polyaniline (PANI) polymer. The tool showed substantially greater performance than a referral solar cell relying on an HTM made from commonly used PEDOT: PSS.
Aug 3, 2022 // Technology, USA, North America, efficiency, perovskite solar cell
Chalcopyrite solar cell for tandem applications, photocatalytic water splitting
Japanese scientists have built a chalcopyrite PV device for tandem solar cells and water splitting for hydrogen generation. The tool has a power conversion performance of 11.05%, an open-circuit voltage of 0.960 V, a short-circuit current density of 15.9 mA centimeters − 2, and a fill element of 72.4%.
Aug 3, 2022 // Technology, Japan, Asia, solar cell, efficiency, AIST
Four-terminal flexible perovskite-CIGS tandem mini-module with 18.4% effectiveness
Swiss scientists have actually developed a 4T tandem perovskite/CIGS mini-panel with a geometric fill factor of over 93%. It combines a 10.8%- reliable small perovskite module and a 15.1%- efficient CIGS device.
Jul 26, 2022 // Technology, Europe, solar cell, perovskite, Switzerland, efficiency
Toward making semitransparent solar cells the size of windows
In an essential step toward bringing transparent solar cells to home windows, researchers at the University of Michigan have actually created a way to produce their very reliable and semitransparent solar cells.
Jul 20, 2022 // Technology, solar cells, efficiency, University of Michigan, Stephen Forrest
Perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell with 23.5% performance
United States and South Korean scientists claim to have actually achieved a power conversion performance of 23.50% in a perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell developed with a special distinctive anti-reflective layer (ARC) polymeric film. The cell is likewise able to maintain 91% of its first effectiveness after 120 hours.
Jul 19, 2022 // Technology, USA, South Korea, Asia, solar cell, North America, efficiency, UNIST, perovskite-silicon
Flexible perovskite programmer TubeSolar achieves 14% performance on solar films
German photovoltaic (PV) thin-film tubes programmer TubeSolar AG (ETR:9 TS) has actually achieved a performance record of 14% on solar films in the industrially ideal "roll-to-roll" process as part of its perovskite research activities.
Jul 18, 2022 // Manufacturing News, perovskite, efficiency, TubeSolar, solar films
All-perovskite tandem solar panel with 19.1% efficiency
German scientists have created a two-terminal, all-perovskite solar panel with laser scribing as well as module interconnections. It has a fill factor of 75%.
Jul 11, 2022 // Technology, Germany, Europe, solar cell, KIT, efficiency
Flexible all-perovskite tandem solar cells with a 24.7% effectiveness
Lightweight as well as flexible perovskites are very encouraging materials for the fabrication of photovoltaics. Thus far, nevertheless, their highest reported efficiencies have actually been around 20%, which is significantly lower than those of stiff perovskites (25.7%).
Jul 6, 2022 // Technology, solar cells, perovskite, Nanjing University, efficiency, Jilin University, Shanghai Tech University, East China Normal University
Researchers enhance efficiency of solar cell light-absorption capacity
DGIST has announced that the research team led by Professor Choi Jong-min of the Department of Energy Engineering at DGIST enhanced the light absorption capacity and also photocurrent generation of solar cells by applying a nano-structured electrode on the back of a perovskite quantum-dot solar cell, a next-generation solar cell material. On top of that, the group systematically verified the connection between the shape of the nanostructure and the performance of the solar cell and the optimized conditions for the formation of nanopatterns in organic materials.
Jul 5, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, DGIST, efficiency, Choi Jong-min
Perovskite-CIS tandem solar cell with 24.9% efficiency
German scientists have actually created a new PV cell with a qualified efficiency of 23.5%, an open-circuit voltage of 1.59 V, a short-circuit current of 19.4 mA cm-- 2, as well as a fill element of 75.5%. It got to maximum efficiency of approximately 24.9%, due to the top quality of the subcells
Jun 30, 2022 // Technology, solar cell, efficiency, Perovskite-CIS
Inverted perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell with 29.3% effectiveness
Researchers in Saudi Arabia have built an inverted perovskite-silicon tandem device with a 1 nm thick interlayer based on magnesium fluoride (MgFx). They declare it can quit voltage losses and boost power conversion performance, while preserving 95.4% of its initial performance after 1,000 hrs.
Jun 29, 2022 // Technology, Saudi Arabia, Asia, efficiency, KAUST, perovskite-silicon, solar sell
DMEGC Rolls Out New Monocrystalline PERC M10 Roof Solar Modules
Chinese module manufacturer DMEGC has launched its new monocrystalline PERC photovoltaic panels with power conversion efficiencies of up to 20.91% and also temperature coefficients of -0.33% per degree celsius ending up being fairly helpful for the maximum system voltages of 1,000 W or 1,500 W.
Jun 29, 2022 // Manufacturing News, China, Asia, DMEGC, efficiency, half-cell modules, monocrystalline PERC solar