FREYR Issues Invitations to Tender for the Purchase of Battery Cell Manufacturing Equipment for Pilot Plant
FREYR has released Invitations to Tender for equipment packages needed for the battery cell assembly line for FREYR's pilot plant in Mo i Rana, Norway. The statement of the selected vendor is targeted for completion of May 2021.
Mar 22, 2021 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, battery, Einar Kilde, Freyr, pilot plant, Tom Einar Jensen
Generac doubles down on United States energy storage space with reorganised energy technology department
US power item provider Generac is to unite a variety of recently-acquired companies to develop a brand-new power storage space service arm.
Jan 20, 2021 // Residential, Storage, USA, battery, North America, Battery Energy Storage, Lithium ion, generac, residential solar-plus-storage
Britishvolt Announces brand-new Partners & Project Director for Gigaplant
Britishvolt has actually introduced the appointment of Ray Macera as Project Director for the building and also application of Britain's initial battery gigaplant.
Aug 13, 2020 // Storage, storage, UK, Europe, battery, Renewable Energy, EVs, GigaPlant, Britishvolt, Wales, Orral Nadjari, Project Director, Ray Macera
Iberdrola unveils plans for 'Europe's largest' solar-storage-hydrogen project
Iberdrola is to create a landmark solar-storage-hydrogen facility in main Spain, proclaiming it to be largest commercial environment-friendly hydrogen center in Europe once total.
Jul 27, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, UTILITY-SCALE SOLAR, Iberdrola, hybrid, hydrogen, battery, green hydrogen, colocation, storagecolocation
Britishvolt and Welsh Govt Sign MoU for 30 GWh Battery Factory
Maker Britishvolt has authorized an MOU with the Welsh Government to establish a readily viable 30 GWh battery manufacturing plant in South Wales.
Jul 22, 2020 // Manufacturing News, Storage, battery, Lithium ion, Britishvolt, Wales, Orral Nadjari
LG Chem Unveils Full Home Backup Solution With SolarEdge
LG Chem has actually announced that it has actually joined pressures with SolarEdge to bring compatibility with the LG RESU10H (400V, 9.8 kWh) residence battery.
Jul 22, 2020 // Storage, Inverters, Software, LG CHEM, SolarEdge, battery, International, RESU Home Battery, LG Chem SolarEdge, Jeongjin Hong
New Battery Electrolyte That can Boost Performance of EVs
A group of researchers has designed a new lithium-based electrolyte, that they show can pave the way for the future generation of battery-powered EVs
Jul 6, 2020 // Technology, Storage, battery, electric vehicles, Zhiao Yu, Yi Cui, electrolyte, EVs, Innovation, EV Battery, Battery Electrolyte EVs, Zhenan Bao
Nissan Licenses Lithium-ion Battery Technology to APB Corporation
Nissan has actually certified its modern technology to APB Corporation that will certainly enable automation of lower-cost lithium-ion batteries with raised billing ability
Apr 20, 2020 // Storage, Japan, Asia, battery, Nissan, Lithium ion, International, APB, Hideki Kimata, Nissan Lithium-ion APB
Brand-new markets for old batteries
The enhanced necessity for the automobile market to handle the disposal of EV batteries in the mid-term future will certainly work as a driver for the arising second-life battery market, creates Abhishek Sampat, Principal Analyst at Delta-EE. Car manufacturers, as well as possibly 3rd parties, are anticipated to manipulate brand-new worth streams as well as a second-life market is anticipated to drive down prices for fixed power storage space, with little to no concession in high quality throughout individual.
Feb 20, 2020 // Storage, Opinions, battery, WORLD, Abhishek Sampat, Delta-EE
Vena Energy to start building major storage project in Australia
According to the announcement by Australian unit of Vena Energy, it is going to start constructing a grid scale Battery Energy Storage System in Western Downs Region in the nearest future. The BESS will be located not far from the town of Wandoan and will become the biggest array of the kind throughout the state.
Feb 2, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Storage, ENERGY STORAGE, Australia, Oceania, battery, Vena Energy
Australian solar company joins virtual power plant push
Solar Service Group to market energy app to more than 8,000 battery users.
Jan 9, 2020 // Storage, Software, Energy, TESLA, battery, Evergen, Ben Hutt, virtual power plant
IBM Research Discovers new Battery That Could Trump Li-ion
IBM Research has unveiled a new battery that could help eliminate the need for heavy metals in production and surpass the capabilities of Li-ion batteries
Jan 3, 2020 // Technology, Storage, battery, IBM Research, Lithium ion Battery
Coating could lead to commercial lithium-metal batteries
A new coating developed by scientists at Stanford promises to bring lithium metal batteries ‘closer to reality’, by significantly extending their operational lifetime and limiting the occurrence of dendrites at the anode, which can cause short circuiting and fires.
Sep 3, 2019 // Technology, California, USA, battery, North America, Stanford University, SLAC, Lithium metal, Zhiao Yu, Yi Cui
Car industry copper demand to surge 250% due to EVs
By considering use of the metal in charging infrastructure, analyst Wood Mackenzie has found higher demand from the mobility sector than is the case if only the volume of the material required for vehicle construction is examined.
Aug 12, 2019 // Technology, Transport, Wood Mackenzie, Global electric vehicle, UBS Evidence Lab, Henry Salisbury, Aluminum, ads-tec GmbH, HPC Booster, battery