Woodside Petroleum

Australia's Woodside Petroleum to Fund Heliogen's CSP Technology
Woodside Petroleum will fund the building and construction of a 5MWe CSP technology demonstration plant in Mojave Desert to be build by Heliogen. Both the business will market the technology in Australia as well as possibly in the US also.
Mar 30, 2022 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, green hydrogen, Heliogen, csp, Bill Gross, Woodside Petroleum, concentrated solar technology, Meg O’Neill
Woodside teams with United States startup to check out solar thermal innovation
Australian oil as well as gas titan Woodside is partnering with U.S.-based focused solar expert Heliogen to construct a 5 MW solar thermal demo plant in California. The project will certainly provide tidy energy with almost 24/7 availability.
Oct 19, 2021 // Technology, Plants, Thermal, USA, Australia, Oceania, North America, Heliogen, PV Power Plant, Bill Gross, Woodside Petroleum