University of Maryland

University of Maryland Scientists Looking to Convert Sunlight into Chemical Energy
Scientists from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County are researching ways to make solar panels more efficient by using molecules found in plants, like chlorophyll, to convert sunlight into chemical energy. Learn more about the process and the potential of this sustainable energy source.
Feb 20, 2023 // Technology, Solar Panels, University of Maryland, Chris D. Geddes
Anti-solar cells: A photovoltaic cell that operates at night
In truth, a specially created photovoltaic cell might create up to 50 watts of power per square meter under ideal conditions in the evening, about a quarter of what a traditional solar panel can create in daytime, according to an idea paper by Munday and graduate student Tristan Deppe.
Feb 3, 2020 // Technology, USA, solar cells, North America, University of Maryland, Jeremy Munday
Pyrazine polymer PHATNs up cathode in sodium-ion batteries
Scientists at the University of Maryland have developed an organic polymer electrode which they claim demonstrates stable function for a sodium-ion battery over 50,000 cycles and also offers encouraging performance in magnesium-ion and aluminum-ion storage devices.
Nov 7, 2019 // Technology, Storage, China, Asia, lithium, University of Maryland, sodium-ion battery, polymer electrode