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Solar harvesting system has possible to produce solar power 24/7
The excellent inventor Thomas Edison as soon as claimed, "So long as the sun shines, man will be able to establish power in abundance." His had not been the initial terrific mind to marvel at the idea of taking advantage of the power of the sun; for centuries inventors have actually been contemplating as well as developing the way to harvest solar energy.
Oct 4, 2022 // Technology, University of Houston, Bo Zhao
American scientists discover a new catalyst for hydrogen production from seawater
The research group from the University of Houston has found a novel catalyst which is likely to help effectively split hydrogen from seawater. This innovation is supposed to considerably advance the seawater electrolysis development for commercial hydrogen production.
Nov 22, 2019 // Technology, Solar to Fuel, USA, hydrogen, North America, University of Houston, Solar to Fuel, Solar to Hydrogen, Producing Hydrogen, Hydrogen from renewable, Renewable fuels