Tara Doyle

25 Years Life? PVEL Bands Alarm Above Failing Rate Amongst Modules
Solar's significant rise has actually been matched with an even bigger expansion in capacity, largely in China, and currently, the rest of the world too. With making capabilities climbing from 25 GW in 2015 to over 400 GW today.
Jun 1, 2021 // Manufacturing News, Tara Doyle, Jenya Meydbray, PV Evolution Labs, Adam Larner, PVEL 2021, scorecard, solar quality, top solar performers
Mini series: The evolution of testing
Tara Doyle started her career in the solar energy industry more than 15 years ago, and today serves as the chief commercial officer at PVEL, which claims to be one of the first testing laboratories to focus on bankability for the downstream PV buyer community. The lab serves developers, financiers, O&M companies, asset owners, and insurers.
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