Swarup Mavanoor

SB Energy to Use SenseHawk's SaaS Tech for Solar Site Ops Digitization
SB Energy's implementation of the SenseHawk area mobility and property details service for solar will enable remote management of all possessions via a solitary, powerful dashboard. Every component, event, and extra component on the site is digitized and packed into SenseHawk's map-based platform.
Nov 3, 2021 // Software, SenseHawk, Swarup Mavanoor, SoftBank Group Corp, Abhijit Sathe, Don Nista, solar software as a service, SaaS
SenseHawk Raises $5.1 Mn for Software Platform to Enhance Efficiency of Solar Plants
SenseHawk has actually raised USD 5.1 million in financing for its software program system that enhances performance in the development, construction & procedure of solar plants.
Sep 3, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Software, pv power plants, Alpha Wave Incubation, India,, SenseHawk, Anirudh Singh, Saideep Talari, Swarup Mavanoor