Solar innovation

Flexible Solar Moves One Step Closer to Mass Market With DaZheng
Laboratory breakthroughs in perovskite cell modern technology have been plenty, yet mass manufacture is a big deal indeed. Solar applications will explode worldwide if rates of flexible solar truly boil down to the degrees DaZheng has actually promised.
Jul 19, 2022 // Manufacturing News, solar market, startup, perovskite solar cells, solar efficiency, Solar innovation, breakthrough, DaZheng, flexible solar films, mass production of flexible solar, Solar Applications
Canadian BIPV Company Mitrex Launches PV Plus Noise Barriers For Highways
By combining PV power generation with a noise barrier function, Mitrex has looked for to lower barriers to adoption for its highway generation idea.
Jun 13, 2022 // BIPV, Mitrex, Durisol, noise reduction coefficient, Noise reduction highway, PVNB, silentium, Solar innovation, sustainable highways