Seb Henbest

Emissions and also Coal Have Peaked as Covid-19 Saves 2.5 Years of Emissions, Accelerates Energy Transition
BloombergNEF's New Energy Outlook 2020 sees total oil need peaking in 2035, and development in tidy energy innovation-- yet, world still going to 3.3-degree temperature surge
Nov 18, 2020 // Market Research, China, Asia, BloombergNEF, Seb Henbest, Jon Moore, Matthias Kimmel
Wind, Solar Are Cheapest Power Source In Many Places, BNEF States
Scientist's projections show limitations to the spread of renewables In 5 years, renewables will be cheaper than existing gas
Oct 19, 2020 // Market Research, BloombergNEF, Seb Henbest
Scale-up of Solar and also Wind Places Existing Coal, Gas in danger
Solar, wind and also batteries see remarkable gains in competition over the last 6 months contrasted to longer-established power choices
May 19, 2020 // Market Research, USA, New York, China, solar pv, Asia, BloombergNEF, London, North America, Seb Henbest, onshore wind, Tifenn Brandily
The First Phase of the Transition is About Electricity, Not Primary Energy
Jan 31, 2020 // Opinions, Market Research, First Solar, Seb Henbest