Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials Obtains $2 Billion Federal Funds For EV Battery Materials Plant
With the new facility development in Nevada, USA, Redwood Materials will certainly create vital Electric Vehicle Battery Components from recycled products. The center will support production of anode copper foil and cathode active products by recycling end-of-life battery and also manufacturing scrap and remanufacturing that feedstock into vital materials.
Feb 13, 2023 // Storage, lithium, Lithium ion Battery, Redwood Materials, U.S Department of Energy, Cobalt, Nickel, critical EV materials, EV market, recycling battery, Tesla Gigafactory
Redwood Materials & ERI Partner up to Recycle Batteries as well as Solar Panels
ERI, the country's largest totally incorporated IT as well as electronic devices possession disposition provider as well as cybersecurity-focused equipment devastation company, and also Redwood Materials, a firm developing lasting materials by creating circular supply chains, transforming waste into earnings and also creating the remedy for a fully closed-loop recycling for lithium-ion batteries, announced today that they have participated in an exclusive partnership for battery recycling.
Mar 29, 2021 // Storage, Solar Panels, Sustainable, ERI, JB Straubel, Recycle Batteries, Redwood Materials, John Shegerian