Scientists demonstrate laser-driven control of fundamental motions of the lead halide perovskite atomic lattice
An international group of scientists from Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, École Polytechnique in Paris, Columbia University in New York, as well as the Free University in Berlin have actually demonstrated laser-driven control of fundamental motions of the lead halide perovskite (LHP) atomic lattice.
Jun 6, 2023 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, New York, perovskite, Columbia University, North America, Berlin, Paris, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, École Polytechnique, Free University
Solar Farm in Space? European Space Agency Contemplates the Idea
Scientists are propogating an enthusiastic plan to harness solar power from orbit to power the planet. At a two-day conference in Paris, the European Space Agency (ESA), which the UK is a part of, is disputing ideas for developing a solar farm in space. To transfer microwave energy to Earth, analogous to the high-frequency radio waves located in a microwave oven, the SOLARIS project gathers sunshine over a huge location in space.
Nov 24, 2022 // Technology, Paris, ESA, SBSP, microwaves can pass through clouds, orbit to power the planet, space-based solar power, the European Space Agency
Cyberdyne Tech Exchange launches Carbon Neutrality Token
The Cyberdyne Technology Exchange (CTX) has actually launched and marketed the very first tranche of a new asset-backed Carbon Neutrality Token (CNT) which fixes one of the most difficult aspects of the Paris Agreement (COP21)-- the capability to properly make up and track carbon debts using its proprietary protocols and blockchain technologies.
Sep 28, 2021 // Blockchain, China, Asia, Paris, Glasgow, paris agreement, Cyberdyne Technology Exchange, CTX, Carbon Neutrality Token, CNT, COP21, Donald Tang, Bo Bai
Slimming down solar cells
Solar cells for room are generally expanded on pieces of germanium steel. An ESA General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) project checked out being able to remove and also recycle this uncommon, pricey steel, causing much thinner and more affordable solar cells for missions.
Dec 3, 2020 // Technology, solar cells, Paris, ESA General Support Technology Programme, GSTP
The Pros and Cons of Using Solar Energy
Amidst all the discussions about using renewable sources of energy such as wind or solar power to save the environment, there is also a school of thought that highlights the drawbacks of using solar energy.
Oct 7, 2019 // Solar, Solar Panels, photovoltaic systems, Paris