Monash University

'Self-healing' Passivation Boosts Perovskite Solar Cell Performance
Revolutionary 'self-healing' passivation method boosts perovskite solar cell stability and performance, paving the way for more reliable and efficient sustainable energy solutions.
Jul 1, 2024 // Technology, solar cell, perovskite, Monash University, University of Oxford, City University of Hong Kong, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Tunghai University, National Central University
High-Efficiency Carbon Electrode Perovskite Solar Cells via CIP
Revolutionary lamination technique, CIP, creates high-efficiency carbon electrode-based perovskite solar cells to rival gold electrodes. A game-changer in renewable energy technology.
Jun 11, 2024 // Technology, Australia, solar cells, perovskite, Oceania, efficiency, Monash University, CSIRO Manufacturing
Researchers Driving Tandem Solar Cells to Mass Production by Reaching 30% Efficiency
Researchers from Australia and Germany set a new record with a 30.3% efficient perovskite and silicon tandem solar cell, funding by ARENA. Stay up to date with the latest Solar Energy news.
Feb 13, 2023 // Technology, Germany, Australia, Europe, solar cell, Oceania, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, efficiency, Monash University, ANU, Australian National University, Flinders University, University of Sydney
Researchers establish very stable formamidinium-cesium perovskite solar cells
A new pathway to creating durable, reliable perovskite photovoltaics at commercial scale has been demonstrated with the initial reliable use of lead acetate as a precursor in making formamidinium-cesium perovskite solar cells.
Dec 23, 2022 // Technology, Monash University, perovskite solar cells, Jie Zhao
Australian scientists build brand-new AI that might resolve challenge of less costly solar power
If flicks are to be thought, artificial intelligence is a one-way ticket to a dystopian future, with films like The Terminator, Blade Runner as well as The Matrix indicating a stark future for mankind-- but new Australian research study recommends AI might really play a vital duty in preventing the environment dilemma.
Nov 11, 2020 // Technology, Australia, solar cells, Oceania, Monash University, organic solar cells, RMIT University, Nastaran Meftahi
New 3D-printed system quicken solar cell screening from hrs to mins
Examinations on brand-new layouts for next-gen solar cells can currently be performed in hrs rather than days thanks to a brand-new system developed by researchers at Australia's Monash University, integrating 3D-printed vital parts.
May 21, 2020 // Technology, Australia, solar cell, Oceania, Monash University, Adam Surmiak
Australian scientists make lithium removal innovation
Scientists led by Monash University have actually made an exploration that will considerably lower lithium-from-brine removal times. The cutting-edge advancement is as easy as a screen.
Mar 27, 2020 // Technology, Storage, Australia, Oceania, lithium, Monash University, Matthew Hill, Teague Egan, CSIRO
Highly-efficient sulphur-lithium battery invented in Australia
A scientific group from Australia’s top research university has invented a new sulphur lithium battery claimed to be the most efficient of the kind. The innovative solution is expected to increase EVs’ driving range to a thousand kilometers or even more.
Jan 8, 2020 // Technology, Storage, Australia, Oceania, Monash University, sulphur-lithium battery