Mitrex is planning a 2.5-GW solar factory for panels and also BIPV products
Canadian solar firm Mitrex means to open a 2.5-GW photovoltaic panel manufacturing facility in the United States, with a final area selection announced quickly. The company, which presently runs a 500-MW plant in Toronto, Ontario, that makes colored photovoltaic panels, BIPV cladding and traditional photovoltaic panels, expects the U.S. location to start production in Q1 2024.
Apr 5, 2023 // Manufacturing News, bipv, USA, North America, Building-integrated photovoltaics, Mitrex
Mitrex Brings World's First Colored Solar Panels with California Energy Commission Listing
Mitrex announced that its items are not only CEC, NY-Sun, and also FSEC noted however boast bankability testing that evaluates the lasting performance of PV modules. Mitrex passed bankability tests evaluating the long-term performance of PV modules, consisting of IEC's Extended Stress Testing with 5 sequences of testing, Hail Test, as well as LETID Testing.
Jan 12, 2023 // Manufacturing News, Solar Panels, pv modules, solar modules, CEC, California Energy Commission, NY-Sun, Danial Hadizadeh, Mitrex, Canadian solar panels manufacturer, colored solar panels, Extended Stress Testing, FSEC, Hail Test, LETID Testing
Canadian BIPV Company Mitrex Launches PV Plus Noise Barriers For Highways
By combining PV power generation with a noise barrier function, Mitrex has looked for to lower barriers to adoption for its highway generation idea.
Jun 13, 2022 // BIPV, Mitrex, Durisol, noise reduction coefficient, Noise reduction highway, PVNB, silentium, Solar innovation, sustainable highways