Linkoping University

Reliable organic solar cells processed from green solvents
A small guest molecule in the ideal location makes it possible to generate energy-efficient organic solar cells utilizing eco-friendly solvents.
Dec 1, 2021 // Technology, Sweden, Europe, efficiency, Linkoping University, Feng Gao, organic solar cells
The enigma of the missing out on energy fixed in solar cells
The performance of solar cells can be increased by making use of a phenomenon called singlet fission. Nevertheless, unexplained energy losses during the response have actually until now been a major trouble. A research team led by researchers at Linkoping University, Sweden, has discovered what occurs during singlet fission as well as where the lost power goes. The results have actually been released in the journal Cell Reports Physical Science.
Mar 11, 2021 // Technology, Sweden, solar cells, Europe, efficiency, Linkoping University, Yuttapoom Puttisong, Yuqing Huang
Lead-free magnetic perovskites
Scientists at Linkoping University, Sweden, dealing with the perovskite family of products have actually taken a step forwards as well as created an optoelectronic magnetic double perovskite. The exploration opens up the possibility to couple spintronics with optoelectronics for quick and energy-efficient details storage.
Nov 9, 2020 // Technology, Sweden, Europe, perovskites, Linkoping University, Feng Gao
LiU scientists initially to create an organic battery
Scientists at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linkoping University, have for the first time showed an organic battery. It is of a kind called a "redox flow battery", with a big capability that can be utilized to store energy from wind generators as well as solar cells, and also as a power bank for cars.
Oct 16, 2020 // Technology, Storage, Sweden, Europe, Linkoping University, organic battery, Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Redox flow batteries, Mikhail Vagin, Viktor Gueskine
Secure perovskite LEDs one action better
Scientists at Linkoping University, dealing with associates in Great Britain, China as well as the Czech Republic, have actually established a perovskite light-emitting diode (LED) with both high effectiveness as well as lengthy functional security. The outcome has actually been released in Nature Communications.
Apr 6, 2020 // Technology, China, solar cells, Europe, Great Britain, Asia, perovskite, Linkoping University, Czech Republic, LED, Feng Gao, Xiao-Ke LiU, Heyong Wang