Li-ion Battery

Solar cells motivate Li-ion batteries
Solar power goes to the center of the international shift toward generating sustainable power resources as well as dealing with power poverty.
May 8, 2023 // Technology, solar cell, Li-ion Battery
Doubling the capacity of iron oxide-type cathodes for affordable Li-ion batteries
A research group has demonstrated a high-energy lithium-ion (Li-ion) cathode, potentially paving the way for economical, risk-free as well as high-capacity Li-ion batteries.
Jan 23, 2023 // Technology, Storage, Li-ion Battery, Tohoku University
Natrion Unveils New Battery Components that Reduce Fire Risks
New material LISIC provides high ion transportation capability at ambient conditions while having a thermal strength in excess of 200 ° C and being fully dense. The result is a near-zero fire risk for batteries built with LISIC, and a substantially decreased ability for a thermal event to heighten or broaden.
Sep 29, 2022 // Technology, Storage, electrolyte, Li-ion Battery, solid state batteries, Alex Kosyakov, LISIC278, Natrion, natural graphite anode, NMC532 cathode, solid-electrolyte separator, zero porosity
BPE Introduces Nrgx 5000 UPS with Li-ion Battery EXL Series
BPE says that Nrgx 5000 UPS features a capacity of 5kVA, a hr long back up and also LCD display with power play representation. The UPS can be charged 100% within two hours of time as well as could parallelly be expanded approximately 20kVA.
Mar 22, 2022 // Storage, Li-ion Battery, ESS, Amitansu Satpathy, Best Power Equipments, BPE, energy storage solution, Ingram, IRIS Computers, Nrgx 5000 UPS
Norwegian Li-ion Battery Major Freyr Gets Govt Grant To Scale Up
Norway's Freyr battery (no connection to solar EPC Freyr Energy Solutions in India) has received a grant from Norway's ministry of climate as well as atmosphere, through Enova SF, of NOK-142-million (Rs 1300 crores) to start service a clean battery cell production plant in Mo i Rana, Nordland region. Freyr AS has actually set a target of ending up being a leading battery supplier in Europe, with a 40 GW/h capacity by 2025.
Mar 4, 2021 // Storage, Europe, Norway, ReNew Power, Li-ion Battery, SPAC, EV subsidy, Freyr battery
Exide Boost Risk in Li-ion Battery JV With Leclanche to 80.15%.
Battery manufacturer Exide Industries has actually increased its stake in its JV with Swiss firm Leclanche to 80.15 percent with an additional financial investment of Rs 33.17 crore.
Nov 24, 2020 // Manufacturing News, Storage, India, Asia, Leclanché, EVs, Exide, Exide Stake in Leclanche JV, Li-ion Battery