Natrion Demonstrates Solid-State Feasibility with Lithium EV Battery Cells
Natrion disclosed information on the efficiency of its copyrighted compounds in lithium-metal anode pouch cells. Natrion said that its information may be the initial as well as just known instance of a high cycle life and high C-rate with zero additional stack pressure.
Oct 28, 2022 // Storage, lithium, electric vehicle, Lithium ion Battery, Alex Kosyakov, LISIC278, Natrion, Li-metal cell technology, lithium-metal anode, M3, solid electrolyte interphase
Natrion Unveils New Battery Components that Reduce Fire Risks
New material LISIC provides high ion transportation capability at ambient conditions while having a thermal strength in excess of 200 ° C and being fully dense. The result is a near-zero fire risk for batteries built with LISIC, and a substantially decreased ability for a thermal event to heighten or broaden.
Sep 29, 2022 // Technology, Storage, electrolyte, Li-ion Battery, solid state batteries, Alex Kosyakov, LISIC278, Natrion, natural graphite anode, NMC532 cathode, solid-electrolyte separator, zero porosity