Julian Jansen

Sights on storage
The residential storage space market doubled last year, driven by disastrous blackouts that have actually consisted of wild fires, storms, as well as various other problems in countries all over the world. The growing global market for residential battery storage is being sustained by brand-new remedies that are linking roof PV properties to battery financial institutions controlled by powerful new software platforms. Huawei is entering placement to sustain the growing need with a brand-new collection of clever solar+ storage space solutions
Aug 12, 2020 // Residential, Markets & Finance News, Storage, Julian Jansen, WORLD, George Qiwei Zhang
Safety is paramount
When Sony first commercially introduced lithium-ion batteries in 1991, the industry recognized their potential to revolutionize portable electronics. Ever since, there have been countless efforts to improve the technology, with many researchers focusing on energy density and longevity, in line with demand from emerging applications such as electric vehicles (EVs) and on-grid energy storage. Julian Jansen and Youmin Rong of IHS Markit discuss the effect of safety concerns on this rapidly growing global market.
Sep 19, 2019 // Storage, Opinions, USA, China, Li-ion batteries, Asia, North America, Sony, Julian Jansen, Youmin Rong