Minimizing Voltage Loss in Ternary Solar Cells
Researchers have identified two design strategies to minimize voltage losses and improve open-circuit voltage in ternary organic solar cells. Yuming Wang from Linköping University leads a team of researchers including those from Hasselt University, IMEC, and other institutes studying the origins of this loss of voltage. Results published in Nature Energy.
Aug 22, 2023 // Technology, solar cell, Linköping University, organic solar cell, Hasselt University, Imec
4 terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30% efficiency
TNO, TU Eindhoven, imec as well as TU Delft, partners in Solliance, joined forces to further push the conversion effectiveness of tandem solar cells to past the limits these days's commercial solar (PV) modules.
Sep 28, 2022 // Technology, Europe, solar cell, Netherlands, Belgium, efficiency, TNO, Imec, Mehrdad Najafi, TU Eindhoven, TU Delft, Yifeng Zhao
Scientists attain 28.7 percent effectiveness based upon perovskite solar cell
Scientists from TNO, Imec and Eindhoven University of Technology, companions in the Netherlands-based Solliance research consortium, have actually established a transparent perovskite solar cell with near-infrared efficiency of 18.6 percent.
Apr 26, 2021 // Technology, solar cells, Europe, Netherlands, Eindhoven University of Technology, efficiency, TNO, Imec, Mehrdad Najafi