GreenGo Expands to Germany: 500MW PV Pact with Encavis
GreenGo Energy and Encavis AG have partnered to provide 500MW of solar energy to the German market. Their success in Denmark has resulted in a 1.1GW total project portfolio, and the companies plan to expand their operations in Germany.
Sep 11, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Germany, Europe, encavis, Greengo
Encavis Buys 12MW Battery in Germany
Encavis AG has announced the purchase of a 12MW/24MWh battery storage project in Hettstedt, Germany. The energy storage system will be integrated into the grid in 2024 and will store electricity from Encavis' renewable power facilities, reducing the cost of balancing energy. Mario Schirru, Encavis' Chief Investment Officer, highlighted the new plant's ability to generate more revenue from their Renewable Energy. First half of 2023 results reported flat revenue and earnings per share.
Aug 30, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Storage, Germany, Europe, encavis
RWE Builds Solar-Storage at Hambach Mine
RWE AG is constructing an 8.4-MW solar farm with an 8-MWh battery storage system in Germany, consisting of 22,000 bifacial modules that will power 3,100 households. The project is part of a EUR 4 billion (USD 4.34bn) plan to build 1,000 MW of renewable energy in the Rhenish mining district by 2030.
Aug 25, 2023 // Plants, Storage, Germany, Europe, rwe
Secursun Launches 1.1GW German Solar Portfolio
Secursun, a German joint venture, has started construction of its portfolio of 1.1GW solar parks in Germany, with 7+ projects beginning this year & more to complete by 2026. Berlin-based Securenergy Solutions & Sunotec specialize in solar construction.
Aug 22, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Germany, Europe, Secursun
Renewable Energy Investment Hits Record-Breaking $358 Billion in 1H 2023
Global new investment in renewable energy skyrocketed to $358 billion in the first six months of 2023, a 22% rise compared to the start of last year and an all-time high for any six-month period. This is based on the latest investment data from BloombergNEF’s 2H 2023 Renewable Energy Investment Tracker report, published on August 21, 2023.
Aug 22, 2023 // Market Research, USA, Germany, China, Europe, Asia, North America
MAHLE's Bionic Plate: Battery Cooling Revolutionized
MAHLE, a Germany-based automotive supplier, has unveiled a bionic battery cooling plate to improve cooling performance by 10% and reduce pressure loss by 20%. The new plate also uses 15% less material, reducing CO2 emissions. MAHLE will present this innovation at IAA Mobility and will collaborate with ProLogium for the development of a thermal management system for solid-state batteries.
Aug 11, 2023 // Technology, Storage, Germany, Europe, MAHLE
Tesvolt, Green Energy 3000: Solar-Plus-Storage Powers Germany
The joint project between Tesvolt and Green Energy 3000 adds a 12 MWp solar farm near Braunschweig, Germany with two TPS-E storage containers and the ability to supply power to 5,000 households. This is among the winners of the innovation tender and will receive state funds.
Aug 9, 2023 // Plants, Storage, Germany, Europe, Tesvolt, green energy
US-German Alliance Launches Perovskite Solar Plant
REVKOR and H2GEMINI partner to construct a 5GW solar cell and module production facility, beginning production in Q2 2024. The project will utilize HJT/Perovskite technologies and mark a milestone for renewable energy.
Aug 2, 2023 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, Germany, Europe, perovskite, North America
Hybrid Power: The PV Revolution of Solar Thermal Plants
Explore Hybridkraft: a project funded by the German government to combine solar thermal & photovoltaics. Harness 1 megawatt solar-powered heater to increase efficiency & reduce energy costs for industrial applications.
Jul 31, 2023 // Technology, Plants, Germany, Europe, Fraunhofer Institute, solar thermal plant
RES to Illuminate Eastern Germany with 35 MW Solar Park
RES, a UK-based renewables developer, has been granted approval to build the 35MW Limbach Solar Park in eastern Germany. The project will produce 38 million kWh of energy annually, enough to power 19,000 people, and reduce emissions by 30,000 tonnes each year. RES will hold a public event to inform local citizens and expects a permit in Autumn 2024, with commissioning in Q2 of 2026.
Jul 24, 2023 // Plants, Germany, Europe, res, PV Power Plant
Germany Powers Up 32 MWp Solar-Plus-Storage Facility
RheinEnergie AG is constructing Germany's largest 32 MWp solar park with 7 MWh battery storage. Subsidized 20 MWp of capacity will power 10,000 households, while remaining 12 MWp will be unsubsidized. RheinEnergie currently operates 57 MWp PV and 172 MW wind capacity across Germany.
Jul 24, 2023 // Plants, Storage, Germany, Europe, PV Power Plant
Vattenfall's 4GW Solar Acquisition in Germany
Vattenfall acquires German solar developer Solizer, gaining a 4GW project pipeline and experienced team. Solar projects will be ready for construction as early as 2024, helping Vattenfall meet the growing demand for cost-competitive solar power. Part of the company's plan for further investment in renewable energy sources.
Jul 21, 2023 // Markets & Finance News, Germany, Europe, Vattenfall, Solizer
Organic Solar Cells Set New World Record
Research team at Fraunhofer ISE has developed a layer to boost the efficiency of organic solar cells. This could be a major step towards making renewable energy more accessible and cost effective.
Jul 19, 2023 // Technology, Germany, Europe, Fraunhofer ISE, organic solar cell, efficiency
Energiekontor Hits FID on 60MW German Solar PV Project
Energiekontor has reached financial close on a 60MW solar park in Brandenburg, Germany, with construction starting in Q3 2024 and 68GWh of green electricity generated in its 1st year of operation. It also has the option to develop solar parks with a total capacity of 225MW in Germany and France.
Jul 11, 2023 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, Germany, Europe, Solar Project, Energiekontor
Iberdrola Invests in Germany: 56MWp Boldekow Solar Plant
Iberdrola has announced its first photovoltaic project in Germany. 56MWp of clean energy, 80,000 bifacial solar modules, 50GWh a year, 20,000 tCO2 savings and €5m in local taxes. Vodafone partnership takes Germany one step closer to the industrial energy transition.
Jul 6, 2023 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Germany, Iberdrola, Europe, PV Power Plant