Frank P. Averdung

Oxford PV Hits New Globe Record for Solar Cell
Revolutionary perovskite solar modern technology has established a brand-new globe record for the amount of the sunlight's energy that can be exchanged electrical energy by a solitary solar cell.
Dec 21, 2020 // Technology, solar cell, oxford pv, perovskite, Frank P. Averdung, Chris Case
Oxford PV to become heterojunction/perovskite solar cell manufacturer
Perovskite solar cell developer, Oxford PV is to become a merchant heterojunction with perovskite top cell manufacturer with orders placed with Meyer Burger that will provide an initial 250MW of cell capacity that will enter production by the end of 2020.
Aug 8, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Germany, c-si manufacturing, solar cell, oxford pv, heterojunction, perovskite, Frank P. Averdung, meyer burger