Flow Batteries

Chemours to Invest $200 Million in Hydrogen Tech Solutions
Nafion membrane modern technology assists generate clean hydrogen from water electrolysis enabling the Hydrogen Economy. Nafion proton exchange membranes are used in fuel cells to convert hydrogen to power promptly, making fleets of zero-emission fuel cell-powered trucks, buses, trains, and also cars a reality.
Oct 4, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, ENERGY STORAGE, Flow Batteries, Advanced Performance Materials, Chemours Company, electrolyzers, Fuel Cell Technology, Hydrogen Economy, ium Technologies, Nafion ion exchange materials, Thermal & Specialized Solutions
Invinity commemorates energisation of UK's biggest flow battery
A 5MWh flow battery system set up as part of the Energy Superhub Oxford has been energised by Invinity Energy Systems alongside EDF-owned Pivot Power.
Dec 17, 2021 // Storage, UK, Europe, Pivot Power, Invinity, Vanadium Flow, Flow Batteries