Kyon Energy's 100-MW Battery Storage Site Approved in Germany
Kyon Energy's latest approval for a 100-MW/200-MWh battery storage system in North Rhine-Westphalia is just the beginning of their impressive portfolio, with plans for even more projects in the works.
Mar 5, 2024 // Storage, Germany, Europe, Kyon Energy
Eurowind Energy's Teius Solar Project Powers Up Romania
Eurowind Energy shines in Romania with a 60.2-MW solar project, set to power 30,000 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by 37,125 tonnes annually.
Mar 5, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Europe, Romania, PV Power Plant, Eurowind Energy
Qair secures funding for 36-MW solar park in Poland
Qair secures PLN 77 million for 36-MW solar park in Poland, expanding its renewable energy portfolio in the country. Exciting developments ahead!
Mar 4, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Poland, Europe, Qair, Solar Park
Nautical SUNRISE: RWE's Offshore Solar Integration Project
RWE's Nautical SUNRISE project aims to revolutionize offshore floating solar systems, supported by Horizon Europe funding. SolarDuck leads the charge in pushing environmental boundaries.
Mar 4, 2024 // Plants, Europe, Netherlands, rwe, PV Power Plant, Nautical SUNRISE
Innova acquires 27MW UK solar site for growth
Innova acquires 27MW Bedworth Solar project in England, boosting their 2GW DNO pipeline and commitment to UK's net zero targets. Exciting times ahead!
Mar 1, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, UK, Europe, Innova
Spanish Power Prices Plummet: Renewables Reach Record High
Record low electricity prices in Spain as wind and solar power surge, but could impact long-term investment in renewables. Energy crisis leads to exports to France at a fraction of the cost.
Mar 1, 2024 // Plants, Spain, France, Europe
Vattenfall, Wieland's 46-MW Solar PPA Fuels Decarbonisation
Vattenfall and Wieland Group join forces for decarbonisation, with a 10-year PPA supporting renewable energy for metalworking processes in Germany. A step towards a fossil-free future.
Mar 1, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Germany, PPA, Europe, Vattenfall, Wieland
Enfinity secures EUR 25m for Italian solar projects
Enfinity Global Inc secures EUR 25 million for 134 MW solar projects in Italy's Lazio region, powering 85,000 homes with 225 GWh annual output.
Mar 1, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Italy, Europe, Enfinity
Grenergy Secures EUR 175M for 300 MW Solar Projects
Grenergy Renovables secures EUR 175 million for two solar farms in Spain, set to generate over 550 GWh annually. A bright future for renewable energy!
Feb 29, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Spain, Europe, PV Power Plant, Grenergy
X-Elio's Arco I: Spain's Newest Solar Power Gem
X-Elio shines bright in Extremadura with Arco I, a 50-MW solar project powering 20,525 homes annually. Their commitment to renewable energy is evident in their seventh venture in the region.
Feb 29, 2024 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Spain, Europe, x-elio, PV Power Plant
Spain's Iberdrola, ib vogt to build Italy's largest solar farm
Join Iberdrola and ib vogt in creating Italy's largest solar farm, Fenix, powering 140,000 homes with clean energy. Construction begins soon!
Feb 28, 2024 // Plants, Spain, Iberdrola, Europe, ib vogt, PV Power Plant
RPC Acquires 57MW UK Battery Project for 2025
Renewable Power Capital secures 57MW battery storage project in the UK, set to be operational by summer 2025. With a growing portfolio, RPC is a key player in the storage market.
Feb 27, 2024 // Storage, UK, Europe, Renewable Power Capital
Nordic Solar Expands with 40-MWp Swedish PV Acquisition
Danish solar powerhouse Nordic Solar A/S expands into Sweden with 40-MWp project on picturesque Gotland island, part of ambitious 270-MWp pipeline.
Feb 26, 2024 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, Sweden, Europe, Nordic Solar
Highfield Solar Secures Financing for Irish Solar Project
Highfield Solar Ltd secures EUR-65-million financing for 93-MWp Gaskinstown solar park in Ireland, set to be completed by September 2024 with cutting-edge technology.
Feb 26, 2024 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, Ireland, Europe, Highfield Solar
1Komma5 poised to save Meyer Burger's German module plant
1Komma5 steps up to save Meyer Burger's plant in Freiberg, Saxony, opposing short-sighted policies to ensure sustainable growth in the German solar industry.
Feb 26, 2024 // Manufacturing News, Germany, Europe, meyer burger, 1Komma5