Bifacial PV

EVN's unit installs initial bifacial PV plant in North Macedonia
North Macedonia's power distribution firm EVN Macedonia, part of Austrian power group EVN, stated it has mounted a solar (PV) nuclear power plant that at the same time produces power from the sunlight as well as the representation of light.
Dec 4, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Europe, Bifacial PV, evn, PV Power Plant, Macedonia
Temperature level and also the situation for bifacial
U.S. scientists have developed a design to anticipate the performance of bifacial PV at project level. Their outcomes reveal that when improved temperature level sensitivity is properly taken into account, the advantage of bifacial modules could be even larger than formerly assumed. And also for upcoming module modern technologies like heterojunction particularly, it can imply bifacial is viable in a lot more parts of the world.
Jul 28, 2020 // Technology, USA, Bifacial PV, North America, Muhammad Ashraf Alam
Enel use bifacial as Chile's 'initially' solar-wind crossbreed gets in building
Enel Green Power (EGP) has actually begun constructing Chile's so-called "very first crossbreed plant" in the midst of the COVID-19 state of emergency situation, with PV panels readied to sign up with pre-existing wind generators.
May 21, 2020 // Plants, Enel, pv power plants, Chile, solar pv, South america, Latin america, Bifacial PV, atacama, enel green power, bifacial solar, egp
United States in fresh effort to axe bifacial Section 201 exception as court fight impends
The United States federal government has actually relocated once again versus bifacial solar's exception from Section 201 tolls, buying its withdrawal whilst approving the respite needs to remain up until in 2015's court order is raised.
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Enel puts forward 500MW of new bifacial solar in Chile's Atacama
One of the key proponents of bifacial solar in Latin America has shared plans for yet another major venture, setting its sights on one of the world's driest environments.
Feb 27, 2020 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Enel, Chile, bifacial, South america, Latin america, Bifacial PV, atacama, bifacial solar
Arkema keen to ride bifacial wave with new polymer solution launch
Materials firm Arkema is lining up a bifacial-ready backsheet polymer solution for release this year, having identified the trend for bifacial panels to represent a significant opportunity for the group.
Jan 31, 2020 // Manufacturing News, bifacial, Bifacial PV, backsheet, bifacial solar, polymer, arkema, kynar
Vietnamese PV maker Dehui bets on US solar to fuel 2020s growth
Dehui already runs 250,000 square feet across five production lines and has set aside a further one million square feet for future factories
Jan 21, 2020 // Manufacturing News, USA, pv modules, Asia, Bifacial PV, PV module, North America, bifacial modules, Vietnam, module manufacturing, bifacial solar, dehui, dehui solar
New thermodynamic formula to calculate bifacial gains
An American research team developed the new formula by applying to bifacial cells the Shockley-Queisser triangle, which is used to calculate the maximum theoretical efficiency of a monofacial solar cell using a single p-n junction technology. According to the group’s findings, the the triangle can help to clarify the deeper physical principles of the bifacial technology.
Dec 19, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, Bifacial PV, PV module, North America, thermodynamic formula, Purdue University, Mohammad Ryyan Khan
Soltec announces better energy harvest using 2P on bifacial trackers
Soltec, a leading solar tracker manufacturer, has announced the results of bifacial PV panel and tracker functionality testing from the BiTEC test centre at Livermore, the state of California, revealing an advantage in using two-module-in-portrait as well as a general gain of 15.7 percent.
Dec 5, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, California, USA, pv modules, Bifacial PV, North America, Soltec, BiTEC, mono-facial
Spanish Grenergy announces major banks for 103-megawatt bifacial solar solution in Chile
A few Chilean major banks have united to support a bifacial PV system in Northern Chile's Atacama Desert, currently being constructed in the area listed among the planet’s driest inhabited places.
Nov 13, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Chile, South america, Bifacial PV, Grenergy Renovables
Bifacial loses US tariff workaround as Section 201 exemption is axed
The US government has extended its solar import tariffs to bifacial modules, in a policy u-turn set to partially redraw the global trade flows of the fast maturing technology.
Oct 7, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Markets & Finance News, Tariffs, USA, Jinko Solar, SunPower, First Solar, Bifacial PV, Donald Trump, North America, Jenny Chase, section 201, trade war, Hanwha Q-Cells, Mark Osborne
Intersolar SA: where bifacial and trackers collide
The industrial development of the bifacial solar module over the last few years represents one of the most significant events in the world of photovoltaic systems. Today, this technology constitutes one of the most promising trends in the global solar market. During Intersolar South America, Convert will present its bi-facial tracker, an innovative solution to gain more solar energy from the panels.
Aug 7, 2019 // Technology, Manufacturing News, USA, PV plant, pv modules, Brazil, Bifacial PV, Intersolar SA, photovoltaic systems, Convert, trackers