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Photovoltaics can make the globe fossil-free faster than anticipated
A group of researchers led by Aarhus University and including specialists from universities as well as expertise establishments in the United States, Europe, Japan and also Australia has actually published an article in the distinguished scientific journal Joule verifying that the role of solar photovoltaic or pv installations in future eco-friendly power systems should be dramatically upgraded.
Mar 30, 2021 // Technology, USA, Japan, Australia, Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, Denmark, Aarhus University, Marta Victoria
Techno-economic analysis of PV-powered golf carts
Danish scientists have revealed that adding 250 W photovoltaic panels to all of the buggies in a 50-cart fleet is a lucrative investment. With an upfront financial investment of around EUR75,000, yearly advantages of around EUR15,000 are feasible, they assert.
Jul 16, 2020 // Technology, Manufacturing News, Europe, Denmark, Aarhus University