3D printer

3D-printed system speeds up solar cell testing from hours to minutes
Tests on brand-new designs for next-gen solar cells can now be done in hrs instead of days thanks to a brand-new system built by scientists at Australia's Monash University, including 3D-printed essential parts.
Sep 2, 2020 // Technology, Australia, solar cell, Oceania, 3D printer, Adam Surmiak
Markus Kayser: solar sinter 3D printer
London-based markus kayser, a masters candidate in design products at the royal college of art, converts the raw resources of sunlight and sand into glass products with his fully automated, solar-powered ‘solar sinter‘ 3D printer.
Sep 20, 2019 // BIPV, Technology, bipv, UK, Europe, London, 3D printer, solar sinter, Markus Kayser, Building-integrated photovoltaics