Swiss Company Insurance Claims Solid State Battery With 50% Better Environmental Equilibrium

Jun 1, 2021 04:48 PM ET
  • Swiss Battery Start-up High Performance Battery (HPB) declares that it has created the globe's first solid-state battery whose core-- unlike all various other solid-state battery projects-- is the outcome of a chain reaction within the battery.

Whereas solid ion conductors are usually inserted into the battery as premade parts, the HPB solid ion conductor is first produced in the battery cell, similar to a "two-component glue". As a result, this technology elegantly resolves substantial obstacles for the collection production of solid-state batteries as a feasible follower modern technology to lithium-ion batteries.

HPB asserts that by utilizing the solid state electrolyte established by it, the capacity of their battery will certainly remain nearly continuous over its life time. No matter how greatly the battery is utilized. The innovation is risk-free because the electrolyte is non-flammable and the battery is non-explosive. No essential raw materials are required for manufacturing, particularly cobalt. This likewise boosts the environmental equilibrium by majority compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

This innovative battery innovation of the High Performance Battery has a very lengthy service life without loss of efficiency at almost consistent capability. In addition, the solid state battery is resistant to deep discharge and also fast charging. The innovative battery cell has actually currently confirmed its basic functionality in preliminary tests.

The company promotes its possible to be utilized in e-mobility-- ashore, on water as well as in the air-- in the future. Particularly, it is suitable for domestic power supply as well as the intermediate storage of electrical energy.

Like the majority of Swiss companies hamstrung by high production prices in their residential region, HBP has taken a non-traditional technique to market development. It provides licences to producers and users for appealing market segments. The production beginning of the initial production line of 200 megawatt hrs is prepared for 2023. The modular structure of the production is intended to enable temporary access and also simple scaling to the gigafactory level.

"The growth of the solid-state battery is a terrific success for green energy and eMobility. The establishment of the initial production uses the opportunity to place ourselves as a technology leader on the global market. Along with marketing the permits as well as getting ready for the start of manufacturing, we are continuing to optimize the battery cell in regards to dimension as well as ability," says Dr. Thomas Lützenrath, COO of High Performance Battery.

Established in 2015, High Performance Battery is experts in the r & d of modern rechargeable batteries with an unique combination of efficiency information: sturdy, non-flammable, deep discharge resistant, nearly consistent ability with almost constant interior resistance, without resources traffic jam, devoid of cobalt and also with considerably better environmental effects than standard lithium-ion batteries.

Source: HPB Site