SUSI Partners bags 100MW United States battery portfolio

Aug 17, 2022 01:12 PM ET
  • Projects done in South Texas are 10MW apiece as well as have reached ready-to-build status
SUSI Partners bags 100MW United States battery portfolio

SUSI Partners has safeguarded a 100MW portfolio of grid battery projects located in South Texas, US, in partnership with SMT Energy.

The portfolio consists of 10 ready-to-build projects with a capacity of 10MW each.

The grid batteries are anticipated to start industrial operation in the initial fifty percent of 2023 as well as will reduce stress on power grids in the area by balancing mismatches in electricity supply and need.

SMT Energy, a designer in the clean energy field, will remain to oversee the construction and operational stage.

Beyond the acquisition of this initial portfolio, SUSI Partners and also SMT Energy are likewise developing an ongoing collaboration for the buildout of energy shift facilities throughout the United States.

The deal marks SUSI's 2nd in the United States battery storage market after purchasing a behind-the-meter portfolio of Californian assets with its devoted Energy Storage Fund in 2019, as well as the very first battery storage deal executed with its flagship energy shift fund SETF.

With this latest deal, SETF's portfolio currently covers financial investments from renewable energy manufacturing over energy performance to energy storage and integrated client energy solutions.

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