SuperGreen Software Gives Solar Estimate To Help US Homeowners Reduce Electricity Bills

Dec 27, 2022 02:23 PM ET
  • The software permits homeowners to get a quick, ballpark solar estimate in less than 60 seconds.
  • The new software is easy to navigate, and utilizes Google Earth imagery to analyze the roofing system shape of a house and also regional weather condition patterns to produce a personalized solar strategy.

US-based SuperGreen Solutions has announced the intro of its new, software that allows homeowners to get a quick, ballpark solar estimate in less than one minute.

The main declaration of SuperGreen claimed that the new software is simple to navigate, and uses Google Earth imagery to analyze the roof covering shape of a family and neighborhood weather patterns to develop a customized solar plan. The software will after that calculates the customer's approximated electricity cost savings throughout one decade. In addition, it will certainly walk the consumer through financing options that will certainly allow him to pay $0 down, for qualified homeowners.

"Going solar puts the power of electricity into your hands. Continuing to utilize your local electricity business means you will be spending for electricity for the remainder of your life and also stay subject to every year enhancing energy prices. With solar, you can pay to have your electricity. The government incentivizes homeowners to make the switch to solar by offering a Federal Tax Credit of 30%," claimed SuperGreen.

Lots of US states, municipalities as well as governments around the globe likewise offer extra rewards to benefit the power customers a lot more depending on what state they reside in. This makes going solar the clever selection, not only financially, but likewise environmentally.

SuperGreen Solutions has actually been in the clean energy organization for over one decade. It likewise delves in informing homeowners about the advantages of solar, and offers others by using their solar knowledge to help in reducing their energy needs as well as additionally their monthly electricity payments.

Formerly, SuperGreen claimed that with regards to energy financial savings calculation by changing to solar, its calculator considers a number of aspects like as the dimension of your home, electricity use, and also the typical sunshine in the area. The firm can use satellite imaging to provide an estimate online based upon this details.

Last November, SuperGreen presented a new reference app that rewards customers with $1,000 for each recommendation that contracts solar setup with the company.

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